Sunday, October 11, 2015

Day Ten: Community is made up of ordinary people doing extraordinary things!

I have always loved quotes!!  I love them so much I share them a lot so I was not surprised at how much I wanted to use community related quotes throughout this 31 day journey.  The above quote reminds me of what it takes to really do community well. 

Community is messy because people are messy.  Community is a group of ordinary people who bled, and are bruised and are willing to get back into the fight.  Their superpowers weren’t flying or x-ray vision – they simply listened and simply loved and on some occasion they just simply showed up.  They got back up even after they were hurt because their desire to help others win was at their core and they couldn’t stop themselves.  They believed they could make a difference, so they did!

Community is made up of every day, ordinary people who want to lift up other ordinary people.  They believe that we are better together.  They believe in second chances!  They believe in God’s grace!  They desire to get to know other people and make them known.  Doing community well is done day in and day out.  Showing up even when you don’t feel like it.  Saying YES, sometimes, when it would be more convenient to say no.  Community is amazing and messy!  And exactly what we were created to be a part of!  

Be a hero and listen.  
And love.  
And show up.  
And invite someone to do community with you today!  


livingmyportion said...

I am really enjoying your #write31days series. I love quotes to and especially love the one you used today. What a blessing to be able to be in community with those who listen and love. Have a blessed evening!

Sarah said...

great quote, thanks for sharing!

Melissa Haag said...

I love quotes, too!

Laura Mitchell said...

I love this community is messy, people are messy. I think sometimes we forget that we are apart of the community and we are sometimes part of the mess. Thank you for this reminder to go soak in HIs forgiveness and let him clean me up tonight. I wrote about being jealous tonight and almost every post has been hard truth but good truth to my nasty soul.

Laura Gambrino said...

This post reminds me of Gloria who always encourages us to suit up and show up and let God have His way.