Friday, October 2, 2015

Day One: 31 Day Writing Challenge October 2015 "Doing Community Well!" Intro

It’s that time of year again and I am so excited!!!!  I get to participate in the 31 Day writing challenge for the month of October.  This is my 2nd year participating and I am so grateful to have a few of my friends join me on this journey.  I will share their blogs throughout my 31 day series as well.
Last year my topic was on “Transitioning Well” (2014) and I wrote for the entire first week without internet in our new home; from our kitchen counter; and surrounded by boxes.  It was the perfect time to be writing about transitions - while living right in the middle of the biggest transition of our lives at that point!!! 

This year’s topic is going to be on “Doing Community Well” and God has been preparing me for this opportunity to share for a very long time.  I am not an expert, by any means, but I have been accused of being a good friend; one who is a connector; and one who takes doing community seriously!  Since January of this year God has been speaking to me repeatedly about what it means to “Do Community Well”.  I had the privilege of being asked to speak at a local, women’s conference on the very topic of community, back in April, and out of that birthed a desire to help women “do community” well!!

My goal throughout these 31 days is to go into detail about what community is; why healthy communities are important; how to find your TRIBE; and how we can do community well.  My hope is that you are encouraged by the end of this series to find your tribe (Your BEST community); love them hard and well; and encourage others to do the same.  We were created by God to “do community” – we are one body; one Church.   We were not created to do life alone and so we would be wise to figure this out now and enjoy this benefit of life.  And, as most of us have figured out, it’s not all about us.  There are a ton of people out there that God wants you to be in contact with.  You were created for a purpose and for this very season and your gifting makes you the perfect person for God to use.

We’ll talk about the fun things we can do to create community or how we can enjoy our already established communities better.  We’ll also cover the tough stuff like being hurt and how to move past that and to get back on the community train and enjoy the ride again. 

Here is the absolute truth that you need to know before taking this journey with me – to “Do Community” well you have to be willing to take risks and to know that you will be hurt in the process.  You’ll have to step out of your comfort zone and try new things or, at the very least, you’ll need to reach out to others.  Community cannot be done by sitting on the couch (Thank you Tara Howes), in your comfortable home, and hoping that someone calls you and invites you into their community.  I’m not saying that you’ll never be invited to “do community” with others but you won’t find your TRIBE without taking risks and stepping out.  And, finding your TRIBE is the ultimate pinnacle of “doing community” well!!!

I am so glad you have decided to join me on this journey!!!!  I cannot wait to see where God takes us and how we grow over the next month!!!!  I have found my TRIBE – the place where I can be myself and not only am I accepted but I am embraced – and I want you to do the same!!!!!

31 Day Series: (A new link will be activated each day after that day’s post goes live.)


Tara Ulrich said...

Larissa, excited to have you join us. Looking forward to your series. Community is so important and when you find your tribe, it is such a gift!

Kim said...

Such a great topic! I love being part of your tribe and am thankful for how I've grown as a person and a friend by doing community with some very special people :) it's going to be a great month reviewing all the how's and whys again with you :)