Saturday, October 10, 2015

Day Nine: Conversations on Community Part One

Before I began this 31 day journey I had posed a question as my Facebook status regarding community.  This is what I asked:  What do you love about community?  What do you struggle with regarding community?  And what question do you have about community that I could cover over the 31 day challenge?  I received almost 3 pages worth of responses that were varied and yet so similar. The common theme is that many people struggle with community and this is why I am so passionate about this topic.  

Today I am going to share one reply from a friend that I absolutely loved!  And I plan to share a few more “Conversations on Community” which is why this is Part One!!!

Tara is a military spouse, a sweet addition to my Tribe, and is serious about her coffee.  We have a fun story about one of our first experiences together as friends that I will share on Periscope tomorrow.  Here is my friend Tara’s answer to my questions on community:

“In order for me to have community at my newest duty station, I chose to jump in and say yes to things!  I chose to join groups.  I chose to volunteer. I prayed for friends but I did not find community in my house watching the DIY network (insert smiley emoticon here).  I had to get out and try to meet people.  Did we all click? Nope.  And that's ok. Now I have community here and God has set some stuff up that I had never even considered before.  However, community will NOT happen on your couch. I tried it! (insert another smiley emoticon here)

(Photo credit:  Cristina Myers @WNOPTribe on Twitter & Periscope as well) 

So much wisdom in that small paragraph!!!  As we wrap up this Friday and go head first into our weekend let’s think of ways that we can go out and choose to find a community or do community with those we already know.  Share your thoughts in the comments!!

As part of my community building activities for the weekend, I am attending a Tea party tomorrow both for the sampling of fabulous loose leaf tea and for the fellowship.  As an extrovert I live for this sort of invitation!!!!  I may even Periscope from the party as well!!!


Tara Ulrich said...

That's such a great quote. And that little one ADORABLE!

stuckinindiana said...

So very true! We really do need each other :) Thanks for sharing!!!

Carol Bovee said...

Yes we do all need community. Having moved in the last couple of years, I've found a lot of value in this online community! :)