Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day 26: Community - What Would Happen If……..?

What would happen if women came together and supported each other? If they would encourage and uplift each other? If they would celebrate each other’s gifts and celebrated each other’s talents? What if they didn't feel threatened by each other’s successes and mentored other women so they could also succeed? What if they pulled their resources together and worked alongside of each other? What would their ministries, businesses, legacies, and families look like if they did?

What if WE, as women, committed to try to do some things? If we were intentional on liking, sharing, and supporting the ventures, businesses, and ministries of the women in our sphere of influence? What if we were intentional to include people in our tribe and make them feel significant loved and included? 


What if we stopped idolizing celebrities and leaders and we celebrated the stay at home mom doing everything to keep it together; or the homeless women just trying to make it another day; the teacher that loves and instructs your kids every day; the beautiful lady that greets you at church; or that one that posts exactly what you needed to read on FB or Instagram? What if???(This was written by Cristina Myers - founder of WNOPTribe/taken from her Facebook page with permission.)

Let’s start by celebrating other women in our lives today!

Who can you call, text, or send some snail mail to 
and tell them that you are grateful for them 
and appreciate all they are doing in the world today?



Dasha said...

I love that no matter what is going on in your life, I know I will always find encouragement on your page!

Carey Segrest said...

Love this

Carey Segrest said...

Love this

Ginger Harrington said...

Great quotes. I love that I got to sit across the table from you while you worked on this post!