Monday, October 26, 2015

Day 25: Community Killers 3 – The Comparison Game

It is very easy to compare ourselves to others and become discouraged and give up.  And when we become discouraged we have a tendency to leave any sort of community we may already be a part of.  This negativity cycle can kill a community before it even gets started.  Discouragement can also cause a community to fall if the destructive comparison behavior continues. 

I’m not sure when it all started, but at some point, at least as women, when we see someone who is beautiful, smart, or looks like she has it all together we instantly start measuring ourselves against her, and we almost always come up short.  Not because we really are lacking in that area as much as because we think we don’t measure up.  

What we think of ourselves is key to healthy thinking which leads to healthy choices and choosing healthy relationships. We were created to be unique so we will never be like Suzie homemaker who always has homemade meals on her table.  We will never be as smart as our neighbor who has a Law degree.  And we will never have it all together like our co-worker.  At least not while we are playing the comparison game.  God created us to be us – we are all beautiful in God’s eyes.   God created us uniquely to be our own kind of beautiful.  God gave us a brain so we have the ability to learn all we want.  And we don’t have to have it all together for God to love us.  Or for God to use us.    

 When we learn to embrace who God created us to be and we allow others to be who they were created to be than God can knit us together to create an amazing tapestry of community. 

We were created to be diverse on purpose.  So when we compare ourselves to others and desire to be more like them than we are essentially telling God that we do not appreciate His perfect plan when He created us. 

Embrace who God has made you to be instead of 
focusing on how you do not measure up to others. 

And then watch how God uses your unique gifting to do community
well and to help other communities thrive.  

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blestbutstrest said...

I LOVE all the quotes! I've fallen into the comparison game all too often (while secretly looking down on people who I thought had fallen into the trap :( ). It's so nice to find freedom from the game--but it takes discipline!