Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Day 19: Make Connections

Finding your Tribe, and doing community well, starts in the connections we make.  Go about your normal, everyday life and pay attention to the people you see.  Make connections when and where you can.  Making connections isn’t a separate action or another thing to add to your to-do list – it is just a part of your natural, everyday life.

Maybe you will connect just through a quick hi as you are passing someone in a store.  Or you can connect with a co-worker for a few minutes in the break room through a casual conversation about your weekend activities.  Or maybe, you can really step out of your comfort zone and check out a new group locally.  That last suggestion was part of a blog post that my friend Lacey recommended – check out this amazing post she shared with me about making connections. 

I love how Emily White goes in a similar direction as I have been going in while exploring how to do community well and yet, her voice and her words and her suggestions are totally different from mine.  And, my sweet community building Tribe members that is a GREAT thing!!!!  Be open to who God brings into your life, whether through a brief encounter or a life-long adventure.  Whether people are like us or totally different.  Because you never know where this encounter may lead!

Just remember that not all connections lead somewhere.  However, all connections are good in one way, shape or form. Even if the connection isn’t good, or doesn’t last, it teaches you something about life, or about yourself or about that other person!!!  Take good notes and take the next step!  As with many things in life, the next step takes time, energy and sometimes some creativity!!!

Make connections and watch where they lead.


Tammy McDonald said...

I love to connect, but struggle because I can't remember names. It makes me seem ingenuine when in fact...unless I have repeated connections with someone several times within a short period of time, I can't store their name for anything! I'm praying about it...and will look for ways to not let this flaw keep me from trying to connect.

Tara Ulrich said...

Connecting has become one of my fave things especially about the World Wide Web. I love connecting with new people.