Monday, October 19, 2015

Day 18: My Unexpected Tribe

I met Cristina Myers at the beginning of this year, 2015, at the women’s Bible study at our church.  We couldn’t be any more opposite if we tried.  She is 34.  I am 46.  She is a mom to a one year old – I have two adopted bulldogs.  She has been married for 2 years – I have been married for over 22 years.  She is bilingual. From Puerto Rico and is a college graduate - lawyer.  I speak one language.  I was born in the Continental U.S. and graduated from Beauty School.  She has been on her journey with Christ for a couple of years – I gave my life over to Him over 35 years ago.  And, through one innocent invitation, God brought us together and started a Tribe of two that has far outreached and grown into something BIGGER than either of us could have imagined.
  Our adventure began after I had sent out a text to our Bible study group of 10 inviting all the ladies over to have a slumber/craft party while my hubs was going to be out of town.  Cristina is the only one who could make it.  At this point we had spent so little time together outside of our Wednesday morning gatherings.  We hardly knew each other.  I assumed since she said YES that she knew that we were confirmed and she assumed since no one else could come that I would cancel.  2 days before that Friday I sent her a text to confirm that she was still coming over and asked her if she would mind us eating out instead of me making something for us at my house.  She arrived before dinner; we had a great meal together; and then spent a few hours chatting and working on our paper day planners together – this was one of the few things we had in common. 

There are so many little details between then and now that I could share but we would be reading for days as I recall all the ways God kept knitting our lives together.  Fast forward to today (October 18th 2015):

We are still so very different and yet God is using us to make a difference in our little town; within our church body; in our great state; and throughout the world. 

Cristina created an event called Women’s Night of Prayer that just hosted its second event; this has turned into a ministry that now has a Facebook page; and has a presence on Periscope through prayer every morning at 6 a.m. CST.  Cristina is the one, between the two of us, that usually discovers technical things and yet I had to beg her for a couple of weeks to join me on Periscope. Now we are encouraging everyone we know to join us as we take back the internet for God!  A mission He called each of us individually to do and has created an opportunity for us to take on this mission together!
We have attended a Christine Caine event together, along with 23 other local women.  We have hosted several small group gatherings in our homes where we made cards; learned about essential oils; and made lunch using all Pampered Chef tools.  We worship together at church; attend paper planner meet-ups; and are currently participating together as part of this 31 Day Writing Challenge (Find Cristina's blog here).  

We have also started a supportive Facebook Group called Periscope University, where we are encouraging others to find their voice and to share their gifts via Periscope’s live-streaming app.

We love to meet for coffee; for lunch; text each other; send messages via Voxer and share all the amazing things God has done in our lives just over the last 6 months.  It feels like we have been friends forever.  Unlikely friends for sure.  However, we have one BIG thing in common – we love our God and we want others to know Him and to know that they are known and not alone in this world.  
We both believe doing community well is the key to helping people find their Tribe.  
Everyone is welcome in our Tribe – there is always room at the Table that God has given us to serve to and from.


Tara Ulrich said...

This is awesome. Love learning more about our tribe.

Laura Gambrino said...

I love this story.

Karen Sebastian said...

What a blessing! You are inspiring me to try Periscope! Keep up the good work and enjoy the journey!

Barbara London said...

What an awesome story of "connection"!! I love how God connects us with others whether alike or not! We have that one thing in common: the Love of God...well, perhaps the love of writing, too?!!

I have connected with so many others; many of those are so much younger, I could be their mother; some maybe even their grandmother!! But, I love them all just the same...and this is my second year of doing the 31 day challenge...

Thank you for sharing your story! And, may God continue to bless your connection to each other, the community, the church, and all around!!

Dasha said...

I am thankful that you have the gift of friendship no matter where you go! I love that God always plants you in a garden full of Godly women who love and support you. <3

Melissa Haag said...

What a great story of friendship! I have friends who are older, younger ... when you have God in common the difference fade away a bit.