Friday, October 16, 2015

Day 15: Our Tribe, Our Life

People inspire us.  They infect us – for better or worse.  People challenge us.  They change us.  The right Tribe, one where we flourish, will help change us into the best version of ourselves. 

This is why it’s key to create a Tribe for ourselves.  One size does not fit all when it comes to a Tribe.  We were created to be different and our best Tribe embraces our uniqueness and brings out the best in us.

No matter how long it takes us to create a Tribe, it will be worth it!  
We will discover many things along the way; 
make some great friends; 
and affect others for good.

We were not created to be alone – we were created for community. And the best kind of community is one that embraces us; grows us; and allows us to reciprocate throughout the journey.

We will continue our exploration of “Finding Our Tribe” tomorrow!


Tara Ulrich said...

Love: "You change the tribe and the tribe changes you!"

Melissa Haag said...

I feel like I have a ride composed of a lot of people who may or may not know each other lol. Tara and you are two members LOL.

Sarah said...

"One size does not fit all" <-- YES!

Mary Hill said...

This line really resonated with me: "We were not created to be alone – we were created for community." Community seems to be real theme for me as we end out 2015. Thanks for sharing.

Ginger Harrington said...

So true. When we don't have a tribe, we feel isolated. Sometimes it is harder than others to build a tribe. This does not come easy for me in this place I currently am. It has taken a long time and the relationships are scattered, in that we aren't a cohesive group, it is just relationships I've built by they don't necessarily know each other.