Monday, October 12, 2015

Day 11: Change Your Community One Habit at a Time!

I truly believe this quote by Leroy Hood to be true.  I believe it because I have helped mold and change my community just by what I post on Facebook.  I made a choice 2 years ago to start posting 3 things I am Gr8tful for everyday as my last post of the day.  This one simple act has changed my perspective and has infected many others to do the same.  We have even started a “Gr8tful Challenge” and we are using #Gr8tJarChallenge as we post what we are thankful for every day.  

We started this challenge on October 1st and we are going to focus on gratitude through December 31st.  
We are also planning on having a Gratitude Party of sorts so check out this Periscope Broadcast (Gr8tJarChallenge) to hear the explanation of this amazing movement if you would like to join us.

We were all created for a purpose.  Created by a God who loves us and has a purpose and plan for our lives.  Part of our purpose is to affect others in a positive way. 

What is one way you have done this?  Or, what is one way you would like to affect your community in a positive way? 

If you join us in the #Gr8tJarChallenge you will see sweet changes and you will affect those around you in an amazing way.  Let us know that you are joining us for this challenge so we can cheer you on.  Join our Gratitude Tribe on Facebook at


Joanne Viola said...

I love the quote & am grateful you shared it. Writing it down in my journal :) Thank you!

Laura Navarro said...

Yes. Gratitude is a wonderful thing! I love th jar challenge idea.

Laura Gambrino said...

So, I put a jar on my table and some 3 x 5 cards, a pen and washi paper. I don't remember telling husband or sons what the jar was for. When I came home from a weekend at the outer banks there were folded cards in my jar that I did not put there!!! My home-peeps got on board without any prompting from me. Your Gr8jar challenge is making a difference in four lives here in VA!