Saturday, October 4, 2014

Day Three: "Transitioning Whys and How-to's Part 1"

The dictionary defines transition as a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another.  So to create movement that helps us evolve well from one goal to the next, or as I call it, “Transitioning Well”, I have discovered that I needed to create a plan ahead of time.  For those of us who are planners that previous statement seems obvious but this was one area of my life that wasn’t so obvious and I was stuck. 

I have discovered that some transitions don’t require a lot of thought or planning. One example may be as you drive home from work.  It is automatic for you to stop work at a certain time; walk to your car; and head home.  That is a habit that has been created over time.  Most of us are on auto pilot when it comes to stuff like that.  It’s just like brushing your teeth – you don’t think about it; you didn’t create a plan to remember to do it; you just do it every night!  However, when we want to do something intentional and different, that isn’t an auto-pilot thing like brushing our teeth, we have to learn to discern which transitions require more thought and planning than others and take the action required to do it well.  One way we do this well is by knowing our end goal.
One example I mentioned in my Day One post was the nighttime routine I created out of the necessity to get enough sleep.  Getting plenty of sleep is important to me, this is my “why”, and I have struggled in this area for a long time.  When I finally had enough of not getting to bed on time, I took my life coach’s advice and created a nighttime routine.

Here is more of my “why” - It is important to me to get enough sleep because I have a goal to lose weight; build muscle; strengthen my heart; and change my eating habits.  Getting the proper amount of rest is a huge factor in succeeding in my healthy goal.  I started my healthy journey almost three years ago and I lost 25 lbs.; built some muscle and I have no doubt that I strengthened my heart.  I also started eating healthier but I hit a plateau in my weight loss and though I was the healthiest I had been in 12 years, I was still absolutely exhausted.  I have read, from many reliable sources, that if you don’t get enough sleep than you will have trouble losing weight.  I know there are other factors involved here but I wanted to test this theory out.  I also had no idea how much sleep was enough for me.  All I knew was that 6.5 hours wasn’t enough.  I created my nighttime routine in hopes of consistently getting 8 hours a sleep a night to see if that increased my energy level. 

My goal was to get 8 hours of sleep every night.  And since the hubs and I were waking up at 4:45 a.m., to workout out together 5 days a week, at this particular season in our lives, I knew I had to have the lights out by 8:45 p.m. I took some time to evaluate what I was doing at night and I calculated how long all of that was taking.  I decided that I needed 2 hours to complete my nighttime routine and get into bed on time.

Now it’s your turn to think about any area of your life that may need changing.  Write down what that is; what your goals is, and tomorrow I’ll share my exact nighttime routine and thoughts about it. Thanks for taking this journey with me and for returning tomorrow to get the rest of the story!!!


Laura Gambrino said...

Ah La where to start!! So many transitions. I look forward to hearing more about your sleepy time regime. For now my goal is to make appointments and keep them. Especially school. Since I am homeschooling myself appointments are key. My school appointments are at minimum from 12-4. That is usually what it takes for me to get started! But I am on my way to success one moment at a time!!

rhaponenko said...

Always good to think ahead, plan make list and get it done :) Thanks for sharing these important reminders :)

momsanrn said...

I know I don't get enough sleep... I just can't working night shift! UGH! I am looking for something else, some other job opportunity to do with my nursing career so I don't have to work nights and can be healthy again...

Kimberly S. Schroeder said...

It may be easier to ask what in my life doesn't need change. :-\

I love following this journey and reflecting on my own life at the same time.

Thanks for sharing!