Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day Six: Transition Well Into Monday

Since today is my first Monday blogging during this 31 Day journey I thought we could talk about transitioning from the weekend into Monday and how the right attitude will help us transition well.  I use to hate Mondays and I would start getting cranky on Sunday because of it. I wasted a lot of great Sundays, and Mondays, because of my attitude.  I believe that the right attitude towards Monday, along with a well thought out plan, will help us transition well from Sunday to Monday and in return it will set us up for a great week.

So how did I move from hating Mondays to embracing them?  My sister, Mary, actually helped me with this change of heart.  I started noticing a trend on her Face Book posts – she always had nice things to say about Mondays and I was intrigued by her attitude toward my then nemeses.  I figured if she could like Mondays that maybe there was hope for me.

I started posting nice things to say about Mondays on the FB as well and I figured out quickly that this new found practice wasn't the only component that would help me with this transition.  I had to start preparing for Mondays, on Sunday.  This seems like a simple process now that I am on the other side.  However, I had not realized how my toxic thoughts were affecting my attitude.  I intentionally worked on my attitude about Mondays and that exercise had to start on Sundays since they were tied together for me.  I chose to enjoy my Sunday and prepare for Monday the best way I could. 

I took an inventory of why I disliked Mondays and I made some changes.  I started looking at Monday as a gift.  Even though I hated to see the weekend end and the hubs go back to work, Monday was a great day to regroup after the weekend’s distractions.  These distractions aren’t necessarily bad, they just take me out of my normal Mon-Fri routine and I have to regroup after two days of it.  One example of a distraction for me is when the TV is on.  The hubs turns the TV on more often than I do, and it’s on more during the weekend, and I have learned that I can get sucked into the TV very easily.  This is ok on the weekends but it’s hard for me to be productive during the week with the TV on.  So one thing I do is not plan on being really productive on the weekends so I won’t be frustrated by Sunday night and I work at being more productive during the week. 

I also discovered that I did better on Monday when I had a meal plan in place.  And I didn't like meal planning on the weekends so I do that during the week as well.  Nothing stresses me out more than trying to think up something to eat at 4 p.m. on a Monday.  So now I come into Monday with a meal plan for both Monday and Tuesday and I do my meal planning on Wednesday.

I also made sure that I was home on most Mondays instead of making plans to be out of the house by running errands or making lunch plans with a friend.  I try not to be overly strict with my “no plan” Mondays policy.  However, sticking to this policy has served me well.  We all are so different so we need to take our own personal inventory to figure out what our challenge is with Mondays, or meal planning, or sticking to a workout and then find solutions and implement them into our lives.

Share with me your thoughts on Mondays and how you transition from the weekend into a new week!


Cindy Swanson said...

Larissa, I completely agree! I don't hate Mondays anymore, since I'm not working outside the home right now. But I used to really let it spoil my attitude at times. I love your strategies for appreciating Mondays!

Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

Melissa Haag said...

I am fortunate that I usually have a pretty short day at work on Mondays. I am self-employed and we homeschool, so not the typical time crunch. Make it easier to stomach the new week!

Julie said...

I absolutely LOVED this post! I've always enjoyed Mondays, but this could apply to so much more than a day of the week. Thank you for the great perspective and helpful ideas! Feeling encouraged, blessed, and motivated. You have a gift for writing.

juliesclark said...

What a great change in perspective about Mondays. My husband and I were just talking about Mondays tonight over dinner...we always have salmon on Monday nights which sends our dog into a frenzy of joy, hoping to catch any scraps from us. I want to meet my Mondays like that :)

Anita Ojeda said...

What great ideas and what a perfect post for Inspire Me Mondays! It's all about our attitude, isn't it? Feelings follow actions.

Kimberly S. Schroeder said...

I also had to switch my view of Mondays. I look at it as a day to take care of the family while they are away, a great time for longer quiet time and even longer walks. Marvelous Mondays!