Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 9: Transitioning Tip - Take a break!

Today will be short because I am going to take my own advice and take a break!  I started today's post this morning, like the 8 mornings before this, and it just wasn't coming together - so I took a break.

Usually it does me a lot of good to walk away from something that is frustrating me or just not coming together.  Sometimes my break is just a quick one - I will step outside for some fresh air; or tackle a small item on my to-do list - that takes less than 10 minutes;  or drink some tea.

Other breaks are longer - like today's break from writing.  The hubs was ready for lunch so we went out and enjoyed some time together where we didn't have to make a decision and it didn't require unpacking a box.  We just moved, so we are surrounded by boxes and sometimes you need a break from them as well.

Once we returned from a fabulous lunch, I unpacked a few boxes so I could feel productive.  Then I spent some time on the phone with a friend.  By the time I was done talking with my sweet peep I had decided that my intended post was not going to get composed today.

Instead, I am taking a much needed break and I am going to hang out with my hubs!!!  Here's a fun picture, of a friend's sweet dog, to remind us to take a break and play some ball; hug your dog; watch some TV or take a nap!!!!  I give you permission to have some fun or rest!!!

What do you like to do when you take a break from a project or something that is frustrating you?


camille said...

I love it! I also love that your blog post is just a description of what you did for your break. It's a nice reminder that sometimes that's just the thing you need.

HurricaneMurphGirl said...

When I want to take a break from everything, I usually pick up either a book or my latest crochet project. Both of these are great stress-relievers for me.

Tricia said...

Isn't it amazing how often we forget to just ease up on ourselves in the midst of expectations?! I'm so glad that you had a beautiful, restful day! And your pup is so sweet! Thank you so much for joining me in my Joy link up.


Ginger Harrington said...

So smart to take that break when we need it. Ultimately it makes us more productive...and happier!