Sunday, October 26, 2014

Day 25 “Transition Well - Celebrating Traditions”

As a Marine Corps family, without children, we have not established many traditions in our 21 plus years of marriage.  We would definitely celebrate our wedding anniversary every year and maybe not being able to visit the same places or restaurants kept things interesting.  We would always find something great to do and repeat it for the two more years that we were at that particular duty station – that is the only tradition we created.

One thing I have really been looking forward to with the husband retiring in 6 days is to start creating some of our own traditions.  I have no doubt that these simple acts of celebrating life the same way every year will help us plant deep roots where we are.  I believe traditions help us tie our past to our present and carry it into our future!

I think not having kids, which was a choice of ours, also has kept us from creating the typical traditions that surround Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The good news is that now we have two four-legged peeps and we are planting our roots here in Texas.  I am looking forward to creating some of our own traditions and that process started today.  We took the bullies to our local pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect pumpkin for the hubs to carve.  His home town of Keene, New Hampshire hosts a fabulous Pumpkin Festival every year and he carved a great pumpkin back when we were there visiting in 2007.  So this year, he wants to carve another one just like it!!!!  In honor of his 29 years and 6 days of service to our beloved Corps he will carve the Eagle, Globe and Anchor (EGA for our Marines) emblem into our newly purchased pumpkin. 
Our small town pumpkin patch was a fun way to introduce the dogs to some little people and to support a local church by purchasing our pumpkin from them. 
I love how traditions connect us to people and memories and they make us feel like we are home, whether we really are or not.  I think one of the challenges of transitioning, like during a move, is that you feel out of place and you miss “home”.  I believe celebrating traditions can help the transitioning process and remind us that we are not alone - we can create “home” anywhere we live.  Another great thing about traditions is that you can invite other people to come along so they can feel connected as well – especially those who are far away from where they call “home”.  And some of them may become part of your traditions for many years to come.

What are some of your favorite traditions whether they have to do 
with the fall, or winter, or another time of year? 


Lacey said...

Aww... cute and sounds like a great tradition! Can't wait to see the Eagle Glob and Anchor pumpkin!!

Lacey said...

OK, well I see I should spell check! It's not a glob, but a Globe!

Dasha said...

Even having kids we ended up not establishing many traditions. Possibly because of all the moves, or maybe because Rob was gone so much, or perhaps we are just a different kind of family - for whatever reasons, holidays have never been a big deal around here. I can only think of a couple of traditions that we created and stuck with through the years. The first is on birthdays. We all gently wake up the birthday person together, then pile on the bed and talk about the day they were born. It always starts out, "On this day xx years ago..." The next tradition that seemed to hold was only watching Christmas themed movies during the month of December, and the first to kick off the season is ALWAYS Jingle All The Way with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Aaaaaaaand that's kind of it.