Monday, October 20, 2014

Day 19 Transitioning Well – The Church Body Is A Familiar Thread (Sunday’s Sermon)

One thing I believe that has helped me through the current transition I am in is by finding the familiar in my new and unfamiliar place.  Though where I live changes, at least in the past it had changed about every three years, my God has stayed constant.  So usually one of our first orders of business, after we move, is to find a church body to connect with.  We do this for many reasons but one is that though people are different and new when we move, God, and His word are not.  And when you find a church where the Bible is being shared than even in an unfamiliar building, around absolute strangers, we can find comfort in God’s word.  Since today is Sunday I wanted to start a habit that I hope to continue every week from here on out and beyond the 31 days challenge.  I want to call this Sunday’s Sermon and it will be based on the notes I take in church, along with a link to the actual sermon.

I am a note taker – I learned this skill from the very first church I was a member of, which is the same church that the hubs was saved at and where we learned to serve together.  I can’t comfortably sit through a service without taking some sort of notes now.  And, if the bulletin doesn’t provide room for notes I will write all over it or dig up a piece of paper so I can write!!!  Taking notes is important to me because I really want to pay attention to the sermon and listen for God.  My goal is to look over those same notes throughout the next week and allow God to continue to speak to me on the topic. 

This particular week we started a new series called “The Difference” and it will be shared in 4 parts and Part 1 is at this link if you would like to listen to the less than 30 minutes of Sunday October 4th’s sermon about Zacchaeus’ encounter with Christ.  I took a whole page of notes but I am only going to share the one point that really grabbed me.

The sermon starts in Luke 19:1 and continues through verse 10.  At the end of the sermon Pastor Jason sums it up like this:

Zacchaeus’ testimony should be our testimony.
God sees me and sees my future.
God knows me and my struggles. (Psalm 139)
God loves me.
God has forgiven me.

Jesus’ purpose, here on earth, was to bring salvation.  Simply stated, Jesus came to find you and me, the lost, and restore us!!!   I think this little nugget could keep us busy for weeks.  It’s such a great reminder that God knows everything about us so we can’t hide from Him; we can’t out sin His love for us; and He came to give us Life.  He gives us this “life” when we surrender our lives to Him and allow Him to do the work in and through us to restore us!!

Chew on that this week and let me know what you think of the sermon, if you had a chance to listen to it, or what you can glean from Zacchaeus’ story!!!  


Denise Dilley said...

Love that God sees us! Our church just did a series in which Zaccheus was talked about.

Great topic idea for Sundays, too!

Ginger Harrington said...

Great post, Larissa. I'm so glad you've found a church already. I love the four points Jason made. Blessings!

Melissa Haag said...

He sees us and loves us anyway. What an amazing gift!

rhaponenko said...

Great to know that many things in life change, but God never will. Glad you find the comfort the Bible gives! Its life saving and life changing.