Sunday, October 19, 2014

Day 18 – Transitions Made Easier Through A Morning Routine

I shared my detailed nighttime routine back on Day 4, along with a brief description of my morning routine, which helps in transitioning well.  As I shared in that same post, I learned this concept through my Life Coach Julie Muller, and, like my nighttime routine, it has served me well.  If you have read a handful of my transitioning posts during this series you will have already picked up on the fact that I am in a huge transition myself as I tackle these 31 days of writing.  Because of that, I am still working on establishing my new routines and I currently don’t have an established morning routine.  I will share both my previous routine and my perfect day routine and maybe I will visit this topic one more time, towards the end of our 31 days together, and I will give you an update regarding my morning routine.

When we lived on the island of Oahu my husband was an active duty Marine so our schedule worked around that reality.  

Here is our previous morning routine:

4:45 am alarm goes off
5 am I get out of bed; contacts in; teeth brushed; dress in workout gear
5:20 am workout together at home (Beach Body DVDs)
6 am breakfast (Hubs made us smoothies on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays; on Tuesday and Thursdays we ate egg muffins that I made (Pinterest recipe) ahead of time and put them in the freezer; weekends would vary)
6:30 am hubs leaves for work; I would start a load of laundry and clean whatever area is on my daily cleaning schedule.
7 am shower and get ready
8:30 a.m. in my office (Quiet time; Bible study; check e-mails; etc.)
9 am snack
11 am lunch

And this is basically as far as I got back then.  I need to implement a middle of the day routine to help me transition from morning to afternoon and then onto dinner time.  Afternoons are the 2nd hardest part of the day for me – I struggle with being lethargic most days and I am working on discovering the cause of this.  Because of being so tired and afternoons being hard for me I usually lose my motivation to do anything and I end up wasting a few hours on Facebook.  On particularly hard days I would take a nap as well – which I have learned not to see as a waste of time. 

The above schedule usually ran like clockwork, M-F, up until about 9a.m.  Then some days I would leave to attend a women’s Bible study; run errands; do lunch with friends and on Thursdays I was part of a ministry that went into the only, all women’s correctional center on Oahu.  So when I left the house on any one of those particular days it was hard to come home and be motivated to pick up wherever I left off!!!
Here is my new, ideal morning routine:

6 am wake up
6:30 am workout
7:10 am breakfast
7:30 Clean
8 am Dressed and Ready
9:30 am in my office
Quiet Time, pray and Bible study
10:15 am Morning Papers (I may try to cover this topic in a future post.)
10:30 am write (Either journal or create a blog post or both)
11:30 am Lunch

I’d love to hear if you have a morning routine and how it is working for you.  If it is working for you I would love to hear your tips on how you are making it work!!!!  Please share links in your comments if you have written a post on any of these topics as I would love to read what you are doing to schedule your days to be productive!!!


Kimberly S. Schroeder said...

I love it! I definitely need to work on this as well. Life scheduling is difficult... all of it!

Ginger Harrington said...

I am currently working on a new routine to break up my time at the computer. I'm realizing it's hard on my body to sit at the computer for long periods of time. The hard part is once I get busy working, it's hard for me to stop and go work out. I'll get there...