Saturday, October 18, 2014

Day 17 "Transitioning - Plan Something To Look Forward To!"

Today is a FABulous Friday for us here at The House of Traquair.  One reason is that it really doesn't matter what day it is right now because the hubs is retiring and, currently on terminal leave from the Marine Corps. Everyday could be Friday for all we know – tough life I know!  And the second reason is because we adopted two bulldogs yesterday from the San Antonio BulldogRescue – a 5 year old male named Chip and a beautiful, 6 year old female named Hope.  An added bonus is that I now have two snuggle bugs in my office as I type this post!

We have been planning for this canine acquisition for over 4 years now. This beautiful dream of ours came at a really great time as we are in the middle of our BIG move.  We all know that transitions can be really tough, especially ones that require a lot of coordination and where the future is not clear.  This is why it is helpful to have something to look forward to during your transitions, and at the end of them.  It makes the challenges that come with transitioning a little easier to endure. 

Our goal was to get our house completely unpacked before adopting our pair of bullies.  That plan changed a little since Chip and Hope were ready for a furever home sooner than we expected.  Flexibility is another key component to transitioning well.  They came home with us yesterday (October 16th, 2014) with a few boxes left to unpack and, they don’t seem to be phased by this at all. 
Having something to look forward to while traveling, moving, and unpacking has been good for me.  Every time something got hard throughout our journey these past few months the hubs would remind me that there was a pair of bullies just waiting for us.  And, now that they are here, none of that challenging stuff even matters anymore.  Once we all settle into a new routine I will refocus my attention to the rest of our goal of settling into our new home with my two favorite holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, to look forward to. 

Are you in the middle of a transition right now or working towards a BIG goal? If so, what fun stuff, or rewards, do you have planned to help you stay the course?


Anna said...

how good of you to adopt these two lovely dogs. I would also like to do that some time (when I live in my own home)... I actually reminded me of how much I miss my cat, too. There's something so comforting about being around animals.
good luck with all the transitioning!
xoxo Anna

takethesemoments said...

I find this so true too, to have something to look forward to during transition. My family moved overseas 2 years ago and I feel like we are JUST now getting through the transition, ha! But during it all we'd set little goals making it easy to push through. And, congrats on your pups!! They are precious!

Erin Kass said...

Ahhhh! My husband loves English Bulldogs! Our current furkids are Pugs (which are my first love) So awesome you were able to adopt them! :-D

Shauna K said...

I totally agree! During our last PCS, we not only had the super awesomeness of leaving our current post (which we couldn't stand) but we had a family trip to Disney to look forward to a mere 10 days after we moved into our newest post! While that means that, nearly a year later!, we still have some unpacked boxes, it was definitely worth the family memories :) Never turn down a great opportunity just because the timing doesn't seem perfectly ideal. We've learned that there will never be THE perfect time for anything, so just take the blessings as they come and cherish them :)

Shauna K said...

PS. congrats on retirement and thank you for your service!!!

Barbara London said...

Enjoyed reading about your transition, and the two great "bullies" you've adopted. Last year we adopted a cat from the local humane society (she was just over a year) and she has really been a blessing to both of us. Congrats to your hubby on his retirement; I know you will both have a wonderful time of transition and retired life. My hubby and I are in that life - his nearly "forced out" almost 10 years ago (he is 75) and mine due to disability. But we do what we can - mostly dealing with his dementia at this stage...but life is still great!

Susie - Recovering Church Lady said...

Oh my goodness, what cuties they are!! We've been in a big transition moving from CA to TX after 59 yrs in CA! And yes, having a PRIZE to look ofrward to, makes so much difference!
Hubs and I would keep reminding each other that our first grandbaby was coming and we wanted to be in the same state before he arrived! We got here in July and he was born just 2 weeks ago!!!
Totally worth it!!

Kimberly S. Schroeder said...

We just did a big move too. Since the weather here in So Cal is so nice, I look forward to my daily walk. I GET to be outside with my girls (pooches) and listen to sermons or books on tape.