Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day 14 Transitions – Easing Back Into Reality

I have a LOVE/Hate relationship with a lot of things or experiences – I love the beginning of fall but I hate that there are never enough cute Thanksgiving decorations available to purchase.  It drives me crazy that Halloween takes up so much space in the stores and Thanksgiving is relegated to a shelf or two.  I LOVE Thanksgiving but I hate to cook the meal!  I LOVE Christmas but I hate that it only lasts a month – or a little longer in my world.  I think I’ve made my point!

So when it comes to transitions all the reasons I LOVE about transitioning are actually some of the same reasons I hate it!!  For example, I love the promise of something new when a transition starts but sticking to it, when it drags out, is never fun.  Keep this in mind before and during your transition.  This will help you focus on the stuff you love about transitioning and it will remind you to be kind to yourself when facing the unpleasant parts of transitioning. 

One example I have is how this whole idea of transitioning was introduced to me.  I met a fabulous woman named Julie Muller, who is many wonderful things.  She is a wife, a mother to a set of twin boys, pet mom to Harley, a full-time RVer, a professional organizer, Chief Chick with Chicks Connect, a SendOutCards Sr. Manager, and a Life Coach.  I was curious about life coaching so I asked her about it; she shared her experience and what I could expect from a series of “sessions” with her; and I signed up.  I highly recommend that if you are STUCK in some phase of life right now to look into hiring a Life Coach.  Of course, I highly recommend Julie so check her out here if you want more info. 

So began our journey together!  I have learned so many things from Julie and for now I will focus solely on transitioning well from being out of town.  I use to be organized and managed my time well and at some point in my life all of that changed.  I am pretty confident I know where I got derailed and I can share more about that later.  For now, just know that I was stuck in this phase of my life and I was ready to move forward.  With that in mind, one session I had with Julie revealed how hard it was for me to return from vacation, or being out of town, and step right back, sometimes abruptly, into my life.  I would come home and be so overwhelmed by many things and getting “back to reality”, as I call it, was difficult for me.  Julie asked me if I had a plan for myself once I returned from being out of town and what did I need to do to feel settled once I was home?”  To these two questions I said, “No real plan but I feel settled once I have the suitcases completely unpacked and put away; at least one load of laundry done; and if I have time to ease back into my daily life which may include a nap. 

So, with that info, Julie recommended I come up with a transition plan so that I could accomplish my goals and succeed at transitioning well.  So here are some of my practical tips that have helped me transition from being out of town to returning home:

I work hard at making sure we have an entire day added into our traveling plans.  This means that if we get home on a Saturday than we don’t make plans on Sunday so we can sleep in and transition back before the new week starts.  If you can’t add an entire day to your travel plans I would at least make sure you get home early enough in the day to prepare for the new week ahead.

I also do as much preparing and planning for this transition way before we even leave.  One way I do this is planning a menu for the few days after we return so that grocery shopping is not required right when we get home.  I do this by freezing leftovers from the week before we leave. 

And the last way I plan for my transition is leaving a clean and organized house to come home to.  This is not a perfect plan and I strive for at least the basics so I am not coming home to dirty dishes in the sink; piles of laundry to do; and dirty toilets to clean.  I follow a daily cleaning schedule so I don’t do extra cleaning before our trip, I just make sure I do my daily stuff so that I can stay on schedule once we return home.

Transitioning back from being away from home does not need to be stressful if you plan ahead of time!!! 

I’d love to hear what you do to make transitioning back home 
an easy process for you and your family.


warriorhippie said...

Having an extra day on the end of a trip with no plans or responsibilities is a big one for our family. I'm an introvert, so I really need time to unwind. No matter how tired I am I make a plan to unpack and have everything back in order before I rest. It makes it so much easier to relax.

Jennifer Kostick said...

Thanks for sharing these great ideas. By the way, I love naps! I try to manage my time by including them as often as possible! lol

Ginger Harrington said...

Great ideas, Larissa. I never thought about freezing leftovers to each when we get home! I have learned so much from you:)

The Momma said...

I definitely do the having an extra day on the end of our trip so that we can all rest a bit and ease back into our normal routine. This is especially important when we travel north to Pennsylvania to visit my husband's family. It is too expensive for the five of us to fly, so we drive and split the drive up into two days by staying the night at a hotel about halfway along our route. Last Christmas, we wound up stuck at my in-laws for an extra day due to a pretty substantial snowfall which melted into ice in the single digit temps over night. We had to wait for the snow plows and salt/sand trucks to get the streets in better condition before we left. It wound up costing us our extra day at home, but having that extra day available meant that we would still get home in enough time that my kids wouldn't have to miss a day of school and my husband wouldn't have to take any additional days off work. It wasn't a perfect transition, but we managed it.