Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 10: Transitioning Through Disappointments Part 3

As we continue to explore transitioning well during disappointing times we need to remember that derailments are inevitable – this is my point 3.  Knowing that this is a possibility helps us to plan for them, as much as possible, to set ourselves up for success.

How do you plan for a potential derailment during a transition like moving or changing jobs or going back to school?  Simply knowing that everything is not going to go as planned is a great start.  I know this sounds more pessimistic, than optimistic, but it really isn't.  Sometimes we set ourselves up for failure by assuming everything is going to go according to our plan and, if it doesn't, we get frustrated and we give up.  Life is hard, on a good day, so we can’t expect it to always be easy during a transition either.  Creating a plan and leaving some flexibility in that plan is helpful for a transition to go well.

One component to this journey that is important is positive thinking.  I mentioned this in Part 2, Have A Positive Attitude, through cultivating a grateful heart.  Being aware of our thoughts is so important!  Our thoughts turn into actions and all of our actions have consequences or benefits – good or bad.  If we want good results, good benefits, than we have to have positive thoughts about what we are doing.  This doesn't guarantee success, it just makes the journey more enjoyable.

As I was writing this post I loved learning the difference between having a positive attitude and being grateful.  Gratitude comes from being content with what you already have or, as the dictionary puts it, appreciative of benefits received.  A positive attitude is a mindset; being fully assured or confident; hopeful or optimistic; it is a good or useful thought.  Whether we believe something will work or not, we are right – if we believe we are going to fail, we will fail.  If we believe we are going to succeed, a more useful thought over failing, than we will succeed.  The good news is that both a positive attitude and an attitude of gratitude can be created!!!  To me, this means that gratitude is sweet reflection while positive thinking is taking action!

Now that we have covered the first three points, to Be rooted in God’s Word; Have A Positive Attitude; and Plan for Derailment, we will close with my last point  -  to NEVER, EVER Give Up!

When you follow the first, three, simple points than giving up will not be an option!  I’m not saying that you won’t ever become frustrated and that you will never tire of the journey.  However, you will have conditioned yourself to succeed and it will become a habit. In my greeting card and gifting business, SendOutCards, we talk about being a Level 4 person in certain areas of our lives and businesses.  The example our founder, Kody Bateman, uses is brushing our teeth.  Most of us are Level 4 teeth brushers – this means we do it without having to think about.  This habit is so ingrained in us that we never even think of skipping it or why we are doing it – we just brush our teeth because that is what we have done, day in and day out, for all our lives.

Here’s my challenge to you:  Think about where you are a Level 4, celebrate those successes, and then explore what areas you need to work on.  Specifically, are you a Level 4 in “Being Rooted in God’s Word”?

Are you a Level 4 in “Having a Positive Attitude by Cultivating Gratitude”?
Are you a Level 4 in “Planning for Derailments”?

Are you a Level 4 in “Never, ever Giving Up”?


Erin said...

Love how you have described this process! So important to be mindful, even on the hard days.

Charity Craig said...

I love everything about your post. A positive attitude and the practice of gratitude are vital to a successful outcome. Thank you for your post. Perfect.

Melissa Boles said...

Oh, I love this! I wish I had planned for a derailment when starting my new job, as it didn't go as planned and I let that impact me pretty heavily. Thank you for the reminder!