Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Keep Calm and Have A Cupcake

"Sweet little thoughts on staying sane" is the rest of this little book's title. This tiny gem was given to me by a SWEET friend today. It was my Christmas gift that I just opened due to my 66 day absence from the island we both reside on. Matilda is a great gift-giver and friend. She never ceases to amaze me with the stuff that she finds "just for me". Never underestimate the impact a gift, big or small, will have. Having something to open on my first Tuesday back to PWOC (the women's weekly Bible study I attend) was priceless. The gift SCREAMED "You were missed!"; "I was thinking about you!"; "I found the perfect gift and couldn't wait to give it to you"; "Welcome home friend!". I love getting gifts and the diversity of this gift will be treasured forever.

Receiving a Sayonara doll is very practical and with a pending PCS (military move), this May, the "pages" of this Japanese memory will be filled with words from friends who will encourage me as I begin a new adventure in a new place.

The chocolate mirror key-chain is a great reminder of how creative our host culture is. Who doesn't need a mirror disguised as a chocolate bar? Matilda knows how much I LOVE chocolate so this was truly hand-picked for me and I'm hoping I won't misplace my keys with this larger reminder that I believe chocolate is it's own food group.

Hands-down, my favorite gift of the 3 is the cupcake book. Nothing like receiving practical advice to eat a cupcake to stay sane. Only my sweet friend, who is one of a few who calls me Frazzled Cupcake, would know how much pleasure this sort of advice would bring me. I plan to share tidbits from this book on facebook but I can't resist sharing the words from the inside flap:

"Cakewalk through the busy banquet of life with this little compendium of comforts. Like the aroma of home-baked goodies wafting through childhood memories, these servings of sanity nourish the soul."

Not only will I get to enjoy the humor from one cupcake lover to another but I also get an introduction to new words like compendium. I had to look it up but now I'm smarter and I have a new word to add to my vocabulary. In case you are curious, compendium means a short, detailed summary. Now you are smarter too!!!

Matilda and Jana enjoying Brussels sprouts.

Thanks, again, to Matilda and all the friends that God has placed in my life who make it sweeter and more fun!!!