Thursday, November 4, 2010

D is for deployment

We are on day 97 of Bill's 6 month deployment and I thought I'd show you a glimpse of life before he left. We had 6 weeks to prepare. This was more than some families get and is obviously not enough time to prepare to be separated for 6 months and two weeks. The extra two weeks was spent in North Carolina preparing for departure. Bill seems to always take his "trips" during the fall and he has missed many of our wedding anniversaries. As a combined anniversary/"sorry I'm leaving you for 6 months" gift he bought me the iPad I had been drooling over for weeks. The large photo of Bill, in civilian attire, is from one of the last nights he spent in Okinawa. He was "working out the bugs" on my iPad - aka playing scrabble or doing a crossword puzzle or filling in Sudoku squares. At one point I was afraid the iPad was going to get packed in one of his sea bags and was going to be forced to spend the next 6 months in Iraq. Thankfully the hubs left my anniversary gift behind and I have put it to great use.

The last 3 months have flown by for me which is only possible through God's sweet provision. They probably haven't moved as quickly for Bill but he is hanging in there and making the best use of his time - working, eating, working, reading, working and Skyping with me. He has received several cards, notes and packages with goodies from some very sweet and supportive family members and friends. As Bill says "Mail is morale!" - thanks for showing your support and love in such a tangible way!!


ukreal1 said...

Yay, Larissa, looks great!
Let's go for a real picnic soon!!!

Pen to Paper; Spirit to Soul said...

Glad to see this as a blog!!! I'm thankful that for you the time has gone somewhat quickly and pray the same for Bill!

mel said...

Hey, there,
It's Melinda.
Here's our family blog of family, friends and faith. I'm just crazy about how God networks His people!!

Blessings in abundance to you and yours!!!