Thursday, June 10, 2010

S is for Salsa - Eating in is optional

What is one of your favorite homemade dishes? Share your recipe!

My PIC (partner-in-crime), Dasha, turned me onto this great opportunity to post on the Women of Faith website/blog. Every Wednesday you are challenged to answer their question of the week and have the chance to check out other bloggers as well. I wanted to try my hand at it since one of my goals, recently, has been to write more and post consistently on my blog. Of all the topics to “discuss” on my first try they choose homemade dishes. Don’t they know that I avoid the kitchen like the plague?

I have an interesting relationship with cooking. I just plain do not like it. However, as a Marine spouse, I am “forced” to feed my Marine and maybe the occasional guest - so I have adapted, as all good Marine Corps spouses do. I have been told I can cook and I have come to the realization that this statement is true – I just don’t like to cook. I did not grow-up with a stay-at-home mom who loved to cook. Instead, I was introduced by my step-father to the wonderful world of restaurants and so began my love for eating out. Why eat in and do dishes when you can go anywhere and get whatever you want to eat without the dish duty? While in college, living with said eccentric step-father, we only used our refrigerator for restaurant leftovers, water and soda. Fast forward 2 decades and you find me on a small island, 1002 miles South of Tokyo, Japan and I am in eatery heaven. In the same week we will have eaten Okinawan favorites like yaki-soba, satisfied our taste for “heat” with Thai and closed out the week with sushi and edamame.

That being said, we do eat at home occasionally and one of my favorite foods to eat at home is homemade salsa. I am a salsa snob. Not that I have credentials to impress in the salsa arena but our little tiny island of Okinawa just can’t satisfy my hunger for great salsa. My favorite ingredients in our salsa are garlic and cilantro. Both are a perfect addition to almost any food and you can always find either ingredient in our fridge filled with leftovers and filtered water. My husband has perfected this recipe from a friend we met in Okinawa back in 2001. The hubs’s “Not-so-Famous-Salsa”, as we call it, is a fan favorite and is requested, along with our presence, at most in-home gatherings. I finally discovered that I could add his perfectly “spiced” salsa to avocados and get the best guacamole in town. The other key to the hubs’s salsa are the chips. You can’t scoop the best salsa with inadequate chips –it’s just not right and it actually changes the flavor of the salsa. Don’t ask me how as I’m not a true foodie and don’t know the inner workings of the chips to salsa chemistry – just trust me on this one!!

Bill’s Not-so-Famous Salsa:


2 fresh medium tomatoes – chopped
4-5 cloves of garlic – minced
1 can of diced tomatoes
½ red onion – chopped
4-5 dried red peppers – chopped
1 bunch of Cilantro – chopped
Lime to taste – usually 1, squeezed


Mix all ingredients well and refrigerate. For best flavor mix several hours before serving or overnight to allow all the ingredients to marinate together.
Serve with scoop-style tortilla chips. (We only like Tostitos Brand 100% White Corn Scoops)

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