Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It is a vehicle - literally and figuratively!

Is it a think tank, an iPod on wheels or an actual mode of transportation? My white van, that we affectionately call the Party Bus Jams or PB& J for short, was not my first choice of vehicle for a woman without a soccer team to taxi around.

Regardless, I ended up with it because it had iPod connectivity. I know, in the states that’s a pretty lame reason for purchasing a vehicle but, in Okinawa, it just is what it is. And what it is is a great way to transport some of my favorite people. One of my favorite people, who finds herself in the passenger seat of my Emina Estima, is Ginger. You’ve heard about her here on my blog before, you’ve read about her on Okinawa Hai and have seen several photos of her on my face book. And for whatever reason she seems to come up with the greatest ideas while cruising in my not-so-cool van. My van has inspired a bible study, many fun social events, ministry ideas that have been put into place, others that are still in the hopper and our newest baby – a scrapbooking Bible study.

I love that a van that I didn’t really want has become a catalyst that the Lord uses to transport ladies to lunch, creates an environment that finds us singing at the top of our lungs to “Sweet Escape”, witnessed some tears and frustrations and birthed some material that He may or may not choose to publish one day!!! I didn’t want a van but what I got was literally a vehicle that God uses for His will!!!
P.S. In a perfect world I would have a photo of my van on this post but the world isn't perfect and I have been strongly encouraged by my mom and my friend, Jenny, to update my blog. And this is the best I have right now as I prepare to fly to the states tomorrow!!!!