Wednesday, April 7, 2010

C is for cockroach

Sidenote before you begin: I realize this is not the best way to re-enter the world of blogging but it's what was on my mind this morning and I've been encouraged to write - so I'm writing about a cockroach and not something more memorable or blog worthy like Easter, my husband's birthday cupcakes or his recent promotion to Major. Maybe those will appear here soon!!

I looked up the definition for cockroach more for the correct spelling than the definition but the definition is interesting. A cockroach is a flat-bodied insect of the family Blattidae that is a common household pest. You will find the word between cockpit and cockscomb which is the fleshy comb on the head of a rooster. I figured you already knew what cockpit was. I find the last part of the definition for cockroach interesting as I just read, in my personal journal, about the cockroach incident I experienced on this day last year - they are obviously common theatre pests as well. Or so you'll see.

As most of you know I have kept a journal for over two years now and I'm trying to motivate all my friends and family to do the same. Why? Because it's so much fun to go back and read what was happening last year or the year before on this same day. The great thing is all you have to do is write bullet points of your day and once you read that short, non-sentence all the memories come flooding back. I wrote cockroach incident and I remembered exactly what happened. Now I realize that remembering this insect moment will not impact my life or yours in any way but it's interesting to remember and obviously I thought you might like to hear about it - this is why you're reading this, right?

So last year the hubs started helping me celebrate my 40th birthday 14 days leading to the 13th of April. He would leave a message he wrote or created along with a gift or the promise of a gift. Check out my blog to read all 14 days of my celebration. On April 6th of 2009 He promised me dinner and a movie. We ate at Pizza Hut, the chain where we enjoyed our first meal together more than 16 years ago, and went to see Tom Cruise in the movie that started with a V - I don't want to look it up, sorry!!!

While we were waiting for the movie to start I noticed a cockroach trying to find a good spot to settle in before the National Anthem started. I'm not a big fan of any type of insect but I really don't like ones the flitter around searching for the perfect seat within spitting distance of mine. The hubs plan was to squash the thing but I just wanted it to be removed and returned to its natural habitat. So I came up with a great idea - ask the theatre staff for a soda cup and lid, coax the critter into the cup and reunite it with the great outdoors. To my pleasant surprise the staff member, female mind you, offered to handle it herself. And handle it she did. Now remember that I want the cockroach to live out its life and Bill just wanted to solve the problem. In true lost-in-translation form my Okinawan friend, the staff member, chased down the cockroach, stomped on it, obviously killed it and took it away. With a smile, no less. UGH!!!! Sorry cockroach world, I tried my best!!!!! Here's hoping for a cockroach free day!