Monday, February 1, 2010

2009 "I have learned.................."

I can cook, I just don't want to.

I love to eat out. Thai food is my favorite!

I especially love to eat out with friends.

I love BLT's minus the T add an A .(Bacon, lettuce and avocado on a bagel)

Quickly's serves fun drinks.

Good friends will hurt you.

I love to blog and I don't do it enough. Why?

Turning 40 won't kill me.

40 is only a number. The number after 39 and before 41.

I have GREAT friends!

I am confused by then and than. More now than ever before.

I love watching movies during the day - especially with girlfriends.

God will always provide!

Knowing that I do not have a living grandparent makes me sad.

I can choose joy.

My hubs is hysterically funny.

The same man (aka the hubs) can also infuriate me.

I have a great life!! And, if this is as good as it gets it's good enough!

I can be patient and I can hold my tongue.

I give good advice.

Short list for 2009 but it's all that I can remember for now. I will keep a more comprehensive list for 2010!!!!