Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday's Tidbits

On Thursday I attended a leadership training workshop titled W.I.L.D. training through PWOC International. The international organization that overseas our local chapter of PWOC sent out a trainer from Hawaii. We spent the day learning about our personality types and how to use our gifts, talents, etc. to our advantage as a team. We then took our guest, Melissa, to a Y100 shop and our favorite izakaya - Kitakaisen.

Friday we met with Mrs. Mixon - an Army wife who has been involved with PWOC International and Regional for several years. She likes to get together with the local chapter to visit and see how things are going. Then we took Melissa to the Airforce Gift shop and to the Botanical Gardens for lunch. After lunch we walked the gardens and worked really hard at avoiding all the Banana spiders that call this beautiful place home. Later in the evening we watched the movie "The Time Traveler's Wife" with Eric Bana and it was good. Then we ended the night with several exciting rounds of Mario Kart on the Wii - this is our new obsession!

Banana Spider at the Botanical Gardens

Jenny, Sarah with Grace and Ginger at the Gardens

On most Saturday mornings I am home alone while Bill is golfing. I usually take this time to work on my to-do list or finish my Bible study - I did both!!! Later in the day we finally got a chance to plan our long drive to the Naha area to check out Thai In The Sky, aka Cafe Caracuma. We still love Somchai's better but you really can't beat the view - unless you go to Pizza In the Sky, on the opposite side of the island!! We ended the night at a bar listening to a friend's son play with a band he has recently joined.

Ginger and Shannon on the grounds of Thai In The Sky

A chicken salad and a traditional Thai soup that we really liked!

We found ourselves skipping church on Sunday but I did get a chance to chat with a friend of mine. Our Sunday mornings are always convenient for those who live on the East coast to call - it's their Saturday night!!! Then we did the usual Sunday afternoon stuff: commissary, nippy nap, and PX run. Then we got to do the not-so-usual-stuff, dinner with the Gariepy's at Macaroni Grill!! We did this in honor of Dasha's sister-in-law leaving the next day. Her first and last meal in Okinawa was at the Macaroni Grill - gotta love die-hard Americans!

The Gariepy Clan: Dasha, Rob, Aaron & Heather

On Monday's I try to stay home to catch up on everything I didn't do last week and is due sometime this week. Usually that's my bible study or preparing for PWOC. I was brave and tried my hand at making bacon, again. I still managed to burn a small batch while trying the tried and true method of "baking" it in the oven. I did eek out a few pieces that weren't burnt and even the burnt ones were edible, since I like it crisp.

Tuesday was our last PWOC study day for our summer sessions. I always hate endings but hung on to the fact that we start our Fall session next week!! The study on "The Fruit of the Spirit" was excellent and I was able to get all but one of the week's scrap booked!! Our last week in this study was spent discussing how God gave us the opportunities to practice self-control over the past week. Queen Esther was a great example of obedience to God while showing self-control with a worldly King.

"Fruit of the Spirit" study participants

Bill had duty today so my friend, Dasha, came over and spent the night. We enjoyed dinner at Brisa de Mar ( I will post about this local eatery on Okinawa Hai next week), we worked on our laptops, enjoyed awesome Quad Chocolate Cake and ended the night watching the world's newest obsession - "Twilight"!!
Wednesday I typed my last "To Shop" post on Okinawa Hai. It was bitter sweet. I have really enjoyed the challenge of finding new places to spend money and yet I'm really looking forward to being the new "To Eat" editor. It also makes me sad as my friend, Dasha, is pcsing and this is why I am making the move!!! I will miss shopping and "doing" lunch with her so we both can keep up with our weekly commitment to this weblog! We worked on a creative project together until she had to head back home.

Happy Thursday and I'll see you next week!!!!


K_dubzzz said...

Wow, can you say busy woman! I'm sad for you, with your friend leaving. It's hard to lose a friend's presence. You can always do some farm town! :-)

Anonymous said...

Are Banana spiders poisonous?? They are really Big EEK! EEK! The gardens are pretty, love the water lillies. Love You. Mom

Lacey said...

Oh, I'm so sorry that Dasha is leaving... what a bummer for you both. I didn't realize it was her when you told me you were going to switch to the 'eating post'.
I enjoyed seeing your week in pictures...

Love you bunches

carolined said...

so sweet to see all of these pic larissa! looking forward to seeing even more and your updates.

Dasha, Sarong Queen of the East China Sea said...

*hug* I miss you like crazy! Can't wait to see you Wednesday, I have a map of the island and highlighted spots of interest! :)

His Fair Lady said...

time to update friend!