Friday, July 31, 2009

Thursday's Tidbits

Better late than never!!!! It's still Thursday in the states so I'm counting it!! It is amazing how Thursday can come and go and I have no idea what happened!!!

Last Thursday we watched "New In Town" with Renee Z. (long last name that I can't remember how to spell). Harry Conick Jr. was in it, too, and they were good together. Very funny movie and it's clean - as long as you don't mind the Minnesota accent!!! (JK)

Friday I was still feeding Socks a bland diet as she got "sick" while I was away and left me a "treat" to clean up when I got home. No more details and definately no pictures for your viewing pleasure - or displeasure!!! Worked on a scrapbooking project with a friend, met my part-time neighbor who has a permanent yard sale every Friday and Saturday. Nice to have finally met Miyoko-san. We enjoyed our favorite Thai restaurant (aka The Noodle Shop that Richard the Cook works at) with the Harringtons. I "do" ministry with Ginger and Bill knows Mark from work and golf. I also posted my interview with Ginger last week in Thursday's Tidbits. She has been a very popular post of mine, receiving some really fun comments!!!! I spent most of Saturday morning trying to SKYPE with the Mulroy clan and I managed to sneak a peek at the 4 small family members a few times in between being disconnected. Gotta love modern technology!!! Dinner with our Saturday Night Crew at Arin Krin - greatest garlic place in the world.

Tomatoe dish with yummy garlic sauce. I didn't try this, of course, but I hear it was great!

Sunday brought my introduction into Farm Town on Facebook and I will never be the same. If you do not have a Facebook account then you won't understand what Farm Town is or why we are all obsessed. If you have a Facebook account my words to you are as follows "Don't DO IT!" It's an obsession and you won't be able to quit!!!! (Off my soapbox now!) This was our second Sunday in a row that we didn't make it to Calvary - ugh!!!! Bill wasn't feeling well and I had a blast chatting on the phone and creating my farm on Farm Town!!! Thanks Kim!!!! We managed to watch two movies, in between my new obsession with farming. We saw "21", the card-counting movie, and it was good. We also watched "Appaloosa" with Vigo M. (another long name I can't spell) and Ed Harris. I didn't like Appaloosa as well. If I don't like the ending then it ruins the whole movie for me.

Monday I joined my partner-in-crime (PIC), Dasha, for a quick ride up to Nago to investigate a restaurant that we call "Hello Kitty". This actually might be the real name and once I get all the info and it's posted by said PIC, on Okinawa Hai, I will let you know. This is what I do know: The food is good and everything is pink and decorated with Hello Kitty. Even the outgoing message on their phone line is Hello Kitty speaking in her best Japanese. I started outlining a great book on leadership for an upcoming, local Leadership Conference I will be attending and training at. Looking forward to it and, again, I will share more details with you later. Are you just dying with suspense??????????? One fun food note: We enjoyed a Dragonfruit sorbet at an Italian restaurant at the Jusco in "downtown" Nago. Dasha has the picture or I would post it here. No worries, just know that it was fun to eat and left our tongues purple - briefly!

Tuesday is always PWOC day. We only had 6 of us in class today but, as usual, God still shows up and our conversations are always good!!! One of our ladies had her 5th child and though Matthew was almost 2 months early both he and mom are doing well. Congrats Kristal!!! Her picture is on a previous Thursday's Tidbits - way back when!!!

He was born on Thursday, July 23rd @ 4:26 am, weighing 4 lb 5 oz via c-section. He is in the NICU and they anticipate keeping him 3-4 weeks. He was born at almost 33 weeks gestation and so far he's been a superstar, breathing on his own, very little oxygen requirements, trying to regulate his own internal temperature, etc. He is a little jaundiced and is under the bili lights, but that was to be expected with his prematurity. Please pray that he continues to stay strong and that any setbacks we face will be minor.

Harue, one of my mamasans, showed up this particular Wednesday with a gift. She is incredibly creative and must stay busy all the time. She had made small dresses out of two hand towels for my kitchen. One of the many perks of living in Okinawa!!! We actually enjoyed a meal at home today with Bill firing up the grill and making us personal, grilled pizzas. Yummy!!! We are continuing our James Bond marathon with 9 DVDs or Blu-Rays arriving in the mail today. We watched "Die Another Day" with Pierce B. as JB and Jada P.-Smith as the "Bond-Girl"!!!! I was asked by my friend Dian "Who is your favorite James Bond?" Not an easy question - do you have a favorite?

I hope your week was as exciting as mine!!! See you next Thursday!!!


K_dubzzz said...

Love your week! Oh and as long as it's still Thursday somewhere in the world, I think you're covered. :-)Your towels are sooooo cute! GO Mamasan!

Pen to Paper; Spirit to Soul said...

Love the kitchen towel dresses!!! Adorable! I sat down to work on a post and realized how long it has been since I checked up on everybody...bad friend, I know!!!

Hope you have a good week, even with Bill here in the states!!!