Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday's Tidbits

This past Thursday was a jam-packed day that was mostly fun and definitely productive. I started interviewing my friend, Ginger, for an extra post I did for Okinawa Hai this week. This was far more challenging than I thought it would be but it was so worth it. We had a girl's night out that started at Chili's and ended at the movie theatre. I watched the new Sandra Bullock movie, "The Proposal", for the second time this month and it was even funnier the second time around.
I did not know Ginger well last year at our Marine Corps ball but I knew she would be a fun friend to have.

Friday was spent on Kadena with Ginger, again, continuing the interview process, with lunch squeezed in the middle. Our Friday night was spent watching "The Happening", with Mark Whalberg, and we don't recommend it. It was crazy and creepy with no real explanation of what happened? In our house we have a tradition that if we didn't like the movie of the night we always follow it up with a Traquair Favorite - tonight's was "Sweet Home Alabama" with Reese Witherspoon!

Saturday Bill had a later tee time so we cruised and he made us breakfast. I continued to work on my interview while Bill worked on his golf swing. We are now in a James Bond phase so we watched "Casino Royale" and "Quantum of Solace". We realized that we don't have as many James Bond movies as we thought so they'll be some ordering on-line going on later this week.

Sunday found us being lazy and needing a day home together. We skipped church and watched movies most of the day. We saw "Revolutionary Road" with Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet. I don't think I would recommend this one, either. I hated the ending and most of the movie was depressing. Then we continued our James Bond marathon by watching some old classics - "Dr. No" and "Octopussy". I don't think I've seen either of them.

Our Sunday ended on a very sad note. My mom called from the states to tell me that my grandfather had passed away - Saturday night in the states. This was not totally unexpected as he has been in the hospital or a rehab facility for over a month. And he had lived to be almost 93. I'm sad mostly because he lived this great and vivacious life up until the past few years when he seemed to always be ill. Also, his marriage to his second wife was a source of heartache in our family. His death reminds me of my grandmother, who died while we were stationed in Okinawa last time. It's hard when you are so far way, even if there is nothing you could have done or nothing you would have done differently. Though I wish I would have seen more of him while we lived in California I do have so many fond memories of spending my childhood with both of my grandparents. My goal is to write a complete post on my grandparents sometime over the weekend.
Monday found me feverishly working to complete my "To Work" post on Ginger to meet my Tuesday morning deadline. I stayed home most of the day so I could also join Bill at the movies. We saw "The Soloist" with Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Fox. I really thought this was going to be a tear-jerker and I was really surprised that I didn't cry more. Especially since I have been so emotional lately. It was a good movie, based on a true story and very intense. I walked away from the story reminded that we just need to be "a friend" to people - we can't cure them, fix them, or force them to lead a life we want them to lead. We just need to walk along side and love them as they take their own journey - as painful as that can be. The past few years have taught me that some relationships require more work than others but they are really worth it. We have to decide to be all in and then "do life" - with all of it's sticky, complicated, frustrating elements that may never go away. That's how God intended it - He never promised us a rose garden. He only promised to be there for us, loving and guiding us and commanding us to love others.

This is just a random photo of two of my sweet stateside friends who "do life" with me!

Tuesday is PWOC day and our summer studies are going well. I love the study we are doing on the Fruit of the Spirit and this week was on Peace. God's timing is always so perfect - offering just the scriptures we need right when we need them. After our study we usually go out to lunch and I have found a new favorite - Fertile. This French bistro serves up yummy dishes with homemade soup, a tiny salad, your choice of hot/cold tea or coffee with dessert all for Y1,300. Check out the hyper link - it's worth the read. I finally posted my contribution to Joelle's "To Work" category and I loved how it came out - with all the typos an amateur writer could include. I loved seeing Ginger's life in words and the pictures she gave me completed the post - painting a great picture of her family. Thanks, Ginger, for being my victim and spending so much time with me.
My friend, Jana, is our worship leader for PWOC and my scrap booking buddy!
Wednesday I was scrap booking at Jana's with Ginger and Kim while trying to view the Solar Eclipse. We didn't really "see" the view that a lot of people saw and captured with their cameras but it was fun trying. Great day with girlfriends!!! In the evening we watched "The Code" with Morgan Freeman and Antonio Banderas. A typical heist movie that really didn't offer anything new. Not bad but glad we rented it instead of trying to see it at the movie theatre!

See you next Thursday!!


K_dubzzz said...

Yet again you had an exciting week. Did you see Joelle's pics of the eclipse?! I do think it was awesome to catch it on the Japanese channel. :-)

Anonymous said...

We didn't get to see the eclipse, if you have some pics please post them. Thank you for the sweet comment about Dad, I'm looking forward the bio. Judy M