Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thursday's Tidbits

Thursday found me doing something many of you would be surprised by - I actually made lunch and ate at home. This is highly unusual as I eat out almost 2 meals a day. Not sure why I don't love to cook but I don't and that's a reality I'm willing to live with - at least for now. But, when I have people coming over to my place to hang out my hostess vibe comes alive and I feel compelled to do the one thing I detest more than going to the dentist - cooking!!! My friend and Okinawa Hai Partner-In-Crime (PIC), Dasha, came over to spend a few hours helping me rearrange my photo folders and learn me how to use Photobucket. I knew we'd need to eat and so I planned ahead - 1st thing that I hate about cooking. UGH - you have to plan and then go to the grocery store - second thing I hate about cooking. Since I had recently visited the US of A I had a great idea - I would make Gloria's fabulous BLT's without the T. See, I'm allergic to vegetables, my mom swears I'm not, and so out goes the T for tomatoe and in it's place comes the A for avocado. Now don't even tell me that an avocado is a vegetable - I'm just not buying it. In my fantasy world this yumminess is just good and doesn't need to succumb to any one food group. Though I said I "planned" our lunch I didn't completely plan on the fact that our bacon was in the freezer. UGH!! Dasha offered up Taco Bell as a plan "b" but I was being stubborn and wanted to make a meal at home - if only to brag on this blog and in hopes of impressing you a little bit with my perseverance. Long story longer, I burned the first batch of bacon trying to thaw and cook at the same time. But the second batch turned out yummy, if I do say so myself. We enjoyed our BLT's, minus the T and add the A with a gorgeous view of the Tengan pier and the bluest water in the world. Fun, friendship and burnt bacon - what more could a non-cook ask for?

Dasha, my willing victim, getting ready to enjoy her lunch with a view!!!

I really do like my bacon crisp so I could say that I did this purposely!!!

Yummy BLT, minus the T!

Friday we attended a Hail and Farewell and I got a chance to meet some of the new people Bill works with. Once we returned home we watched "Miracle At St. Anna" and I wouldn't recommend it. The storyline had great potential but their were to many stories trying to be told and they really didn't come together for a great ending.

I attended a baby shower on Saturday with my friend Jana then met Bill at Awase Meadows Golf Course for lunch. This little outing made me miss the yummy chicken sandwiches they serve at the golf course in 29 Palms - why can't all golf courses serve the same yummy food???

As always, we joined our Saturday Night Crew for a fabulous dinner at Sam's By The Sea. We were celebrating Josh and Jenny's 1 year anniversary.

Happy anniversary couple, Josh and Jenny!

This is what happens after 15+ years of marriage!! My husband was hungry!!!

One of our many meals at Sam's!!!

We enjoyed a great Sunday worship service at Calvary and seeing friends from 29 Palms who just arrived on-island. We picked up our "surprise" in the afternoon and I held my breath as we introduced Nemo to Socks. They hit it off well and they seem to be getting into a fairly good routine. Nemo is keeping us entertained with his large-breed antics and his face always makes me smile. God truly spent a fair amount of time creating this unique breed of dog and the world is a better place for it. Nemo can be best described as an attention hound and with the mug only a mother could love, I just can't resist him. He gets his tongue stuck outside of his lips, like Socks does. One of my goals is to capture a picture of his right canine tooth - it gets caught up on his many layers of skin when he sits for a treat.

On Monday I spent a lot of time finishing my bible study and preparing to facilitate on Tuesday. This scrapbooking study has really inspired me to be more consistant in putting my memories in an album. After the normal chores of the day and dinner out of the way we watched "Defiance" with Daniel Craig (He played James Bond in Casino Royale) and Liev Schreiber (He was in both the Manchurian Candidate and Kate & Leopold). Defiance is an excellent movie but not without some brutal scenes! It is to be expected when you're watching a true story about a group of defiant refugees that persevere while being persecuted by the Germans!! I would highly recommend it!!!

Tuesday is one of my favorite days of the week. I love getting together with the women of PWOC. This week we discussed verses and questions regarding Joy as one of the Fruits of The Spirit. Drove home to check on my ever-growing four-legged family to make sure they survived their first day together without me. They did well and Nemo's happy dance that I am naming the "sidewinder" for now, which I have to get on video, makes me want to come home more often. Socks has become so calm in her elderly years so having Nemo around sure adds energy to our place. I love having a younger dog around - it seems to make the older dog young again. Socks use to do that for Belleau. After a brief stint at home I was off and running again to squeeze in a game of bunko with my favorite Army Wives. I played as a sub and had a blast. Our hostess, Roberta, is an excellent cook and we enjoyed some great Mexian Food! It was fun to meet a few new ladies and I ended the night as the BIG winner - I got both the floater prize and was the Queen of Bunkos.

I'm the bunko Queen!!!!

Wednesday I was met with a defiant four-legged child and the beginning of the battle with the kennel. I did not prepare myself for Nemo's dislike for the kennel that, in the near future, he will need to travel in for more than 20 hrs. I had less than 5 minutes to convince my new roommate that the kennel is his friend. I didn't have the heart or the energy to "make" this 70 lb. animal enter this contrapment that he found unappealing. Instead, Nemo and Socks spent half the day in our guest room to "save" the mamasans from being loved to death by a strange and large creature they do not know. When the hubs came home to offer a potty break to our critters he tried to convince Nemo to "kennel up" and he was having no part of it. Now Socks, on the other hand, still knows the command and entered and exited the kennel several times as we tried to coax Nemo into it just once. Socks is smart - she knows that if she goes in, once she comes out, she gets a treat. Now we just need to get that message to Nemo. And after all that coaxing Nemo was warn out and spent his day napping on my guest bed. Anyone want to come over to The House of Traquair and sleep with a 70lb. snoring beast that likes to wake up at 4:20 a.m.!!

See you next Thursday!!


K_dubzzz said...

When I first started reading today's post, Alli and Jason came up to the computer and said, "Hey we know her". So you are a celebrity now! :-)

I look forward to reading your posting each Thursday!

K_dubzzz said...

OH my goodness!!! I just realized that you COOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, my coffee has finally woke me up at nearly 6 p.m.

Ya know, I'd have to eat your burnt bacon anyway. YEAH FOR COOKING!

Anonymous said...

IS THERE ANY OTHER TO EAT BACON CRISPY RULES. I adore Nemo and look forward to more adventures with him as star, you can open an unofficial large bred babysitting service since you love those big lugs I know you've had some great ones. Your safe, avocado is a fruit, and is a really good add-on to BLT hold the T. Love your Thursday blog. Judy M.

Pen to Paper; Spirit to Soul said...

BLA....maybe a new trend??? But I really love my T and would just add the A!!!
Is Socks enjoying the ability to be 'young' again? Have fun with two doggies in the house!!!