Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Food, Fun, Friends and Fireworks!

I have always loved the 4th of July. I have fond memories of 4th of July parties with all the swimming, eating and sparkler fun any young girl could enjoy. As I've grown older our 4th of July celebrations have taken on a different feel - traveling, attending baseball games as we traveled and watching fireworks from our driveway. No matter how you spent the day it represents the independence our country currently enjoys.

This year our 4th celebration looked very familiar - yummy food, great friends and a super view of the fireworks display on Kadena Airbase.
Brad and Shannon Hawkins - our dinner hosts!!! Shannon serves on our PWOC leadership board, loves to cook and obviously loves to have fun!

We gathered with our normal Saturday Night Crew, with the addition of a new couple on-island. The Hawkins invited us over for a BBQ on their roof. We enjoyed well-cooked burgers on homemade buns, homemade french fries, Ma's pasta salad made by Bill and homemade strawberry pie. We then traveled a few miles from their rooftop in Chatan to a balcony outside Gate 2 to enjoy fireworks from Sarah's apartment. The view from her 6th floor was spectacular and Bill took almost 100 pictures trying to catch the perfect explosion of light. I think he managed to accomplish his mission. No doubt we all had fun and I appreciate having yet another 4th of July to remember!!!!
Steve and Cheryl Niehoff. Cheryl was our President for PWOC last year and they are PCSing to San Antonio, Texas this Thursday!

Josh and Jenny Connors - married one year on Sunday July 5th. Jenny is on the PWOC leadership board with me, loves to wear pink and watch movies in the afternoon.
Chris and Sarah Honkanen - our fireworks hosts. Sarah is also on our PWOC board. She currently facilitates one of our PWOC studies, along with Shannon, loves to eat off-base and is a mother of 4!
Thanks to all of you for making our 4th of July a memorable one!!!


His Fair Lady said...

I had a blast! Cute pictures!!

K_dubzzz said...

Wow, those fireworks look familiar. Wonder if we saw the same ones! LOL Looks like a very lovely get together. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!