Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thursday's Tidbits

Special Note: Since I am living overseas this blog will post on Wednesdays but it truly is Thursday in Okinawa.

Last Thursday I was still feeling the jetlag and woke up sometime between 3 a.m. & 4 a.m. - ugh. Wish I was a true morning person. I began working on my new bible study and gearing up for God to speak to me through His written Word. Most of the rest of the day was spent opening all the boxes I sent myself and organizing room for all the stuff that was shoved into said boxes. I also spent a fair amount of time reading blogs and wishing I had more time to read blogs and post on my own. We closed out the night watching "Happy-Go-Lucky". I don't recommend it - just didn't make sense to me.
On Friday I got the opportunity to skype with my friend Laura - I love this mode of communication and wish I had dicovered it sooner!!! Nothing takes the place of seeing a friendly face no matter how far away they truly are. I enjoyed an AWESOME birthday lunch at the beautiful hotel Niko Alivila. I have always wanted to try this Dim Sum buffet and it did not disappoint. We were celebrating Myrna's birthday - she is one of my Army wives that I hang out with. After celebrating her special day I discovered that my military ID was expired and had been since the end of May and, I didn't have my Okinawan driver's license on me. That's not good - I was driving for a week without my local license and on an expired ID card. Leave it to the Army to be the only ones who picked up on this "little" detail. We finished out the evening on a date night watching "The Proposal" with Sandra Bullock - a must-see for all you romantic comedy fans.

Saturday was jam-packed with bible study, downloading pix, lunch at home and a nap. then the real fun began. We spend most of our Saturday evenings with a group I call the Saturday Night Crew. We started out with some geo-bachelors Bill worked with and added a few couples along the way. We've since lost our geo-bachelors and are reduced to three couples who love to eat out together. We visited one of our favorites - Pizza In The Sky. I believe they serve the best pizza on-island!!!!
Sunday found us reunited with our church family at Calvary where Pastor Rick spoke on "God Enough" based on 2 Corinthians 12:7-10. We enjoyed lunch at our favorite Soba House and then had to make a big purchase for the month - we bought a vacuum cleaner. This is when you know you have truly grown-up. We own a perfectly great vacuum cleaner that currently resides in a storage facility somewhere in Southern California. Since our vacuum cleaner stayed in Cali we thought we could limp along with a pathetic excuse for a machine that is suppose to suck up dog hair - the manufacture named this a Dirt Devil. What it really does is blows warm air out the back so while I'm pursuing said dog hair in one direction I have a ton of the same dog hair being blown out the back. Obviously this makes for more energy spent on chasing dog hair in all different kinds of directions.

The difference between the pathetic excuse of a vacuum on the left and our new "beast" on the right is visually obvious. I have always loved to vacuum and now I have major fire power to assist me in attacking any brave dog hair that gets in my way!!

We have recently hired Mamasans to clean twice a month and their vacuum cleaner finally bit the dust - literally. This meant that the House of Traquair needed to acquire a new dog-hair-sucker-upper if the bi-monthly mission was going to get accomplished. Since we are living in the land-of-not-many-choices and we needed to acquire this lovely tool in less than three days we mulled over the few options we had at the Foster PX and made our choice. We are now the happy owners of a Dyson with a net weight of 18.5 lbs and has a telescope reach wand that extends 17 ft. With a 5 year warranty and Lifetime HEPA filter we paid more for it than I want to admit. Suffice to say that my Mamasans survived their first day with this monster dog-hair sucker-upper and are willing to return in two weeks.
Monday wasn't near as exciting as Sunday but I was able to aquire a new ID with a picture I will regret until Bill's next promotion. What is it with these machines and organizations that just don't appreciate good lighting and even better angles? Why can't they purchase equipment that hides the 40 years on my face and my recent weight-gain? After all that, I was able to move on to bigger and better things like a working lunch. I met with the team of editors I am "working" with and getting to know through our association with Okinawa Hai. We enjoyed great coffee, food and fellowship at a local favorite - Coffee Casa. This little gem of a coffee-place is so fun to hang out at. Its even better that they are patient with kids and serve food, too!! My day got even better as I picked up my friend, Jenny, and we had a slumber party of sorts. Her husband is also a Marine and since he had duty on Monday she wanted to come and hang out with me. We worked on scrapbooking projects, did laundry, Bill cooked a fabulous Italian Sausage Spaghetti with Garlic Bread and we closed out our evening watching "Taking Chance". If you haven't watched this AWE-INSPIRING true story you need to. I do have to warn you that, though we see our great American patriotism at it's best, you still won't make it through without using a few tissues. God bless America and her Marines who continue to fight for our freedoms! (We do love and appreciate all our branches of service but we are a Marine family and therefore it's our favorite!)

Okinawa Hai team of editors at Coffee Casa.

Tuesday is my PWOC Bible study day. This was our second week in our summer studies and I continue to be blessed by our fun scrapbooking study on the Fruit of The Spirit. We gained a few more participants and shared our creatively diverse pages with each other. As in true PWOC fashion, we headed off to lunch at one of our favorite local haunts - Su Su Soon!!!

Two of our studyy participants sharing a completed page.

Wednesday I continued the scrapbooking fun with Jana, Kim and Ginger. I actually accomplished one small project, started another, enjoyed some AWESOME home-made chocolate-chip cookies and spent the morning chatting with my creative friends. We couldn't stand to part so we continued our fun while doing lunch at the Cafe Latte in the Kadena O'Club. God has truly blessed me with friends who are creative and love to eat - He is AWESOME!!!!!

We closed out the day with dinner at our favorite Thai Restaurant - Somchai's. I love their food but I have to say that I love that they call us by name and we can chat with the owners while they cook and prepare our food. No, we aren't sitting in their kitchen but we are really close. Richard, who does most of the cooking, LOVES what he does and prepares our meals out in the open with only a "bar" between him and his customers. I missed it so much while I was stateside that I over ate, of course!!! Then we scooted home to watch "Taking Pelham 123" with John Travolta and Denzel Washington. Great movie but be prepared for the language - lots of colorful language. It goes with the movie but it's still sorta hard to "hear"!!! I wish it didn't have to be that way but as I have come accustomed to saying recently, "It is what it is".

Have a great week and I'll see you next Thursday!!!!! P.S. I am having trouble figuring out blogger and I have no idea to fix the spacing issues I am obviously having. Just so you know, I do know that the spacing in this post is off and I had to choose to publish this now or never publish it out of sheer frustration!!!! Obviously I chose to publish - enjoy even with the spacing issues!!!


Blake and Hollie said...

I am a proud Dyson owner too! I love it. I love that you are trying to keep up on your blog :) I am proud of you!! I like reading what you are up too.

Pen to Paper; Spirit to Soul said...

Hey...busy as always, huh??? I would love to find a scrapbooking/card-making clug...with Miss PD that part of my life has pretty much DIED!!! I know, it is a season but....!!!

Thanks for sharing but I cannot believe you came back stateside with an expired military did that happen??? Glad you are legal now!!!


Heather said...

We have a Dyson, too! It was so great when we had carpets and a dog who shed her body weight daily, but it doesn't work as well on our hard floors here. But that's okay, because it'll be in better shape when we move back to carpets!

Also - did you forget 'chin up, shoulders back'?! Or was that Pam's mantra? :-)