Saturday, April 11, 2009

Turning Forty - Lost In Translation

Today’s note was very interesting. On the outside it read Saiainohito and the inside read:

Jojeux anniversaire
Alles gute zume Geburtstag
Dogum gunun kutlu olsun
Buon compleanno
Feliz aniversario

With today’s gift you would know that all these phrases mean Happy Birthday!!!

I opened the box and found a purse-size, language translator that even speaks to me! By the way, Saiainohito is Japanese for darling!!! I have been wanting one of these little language barrier-reducing items for a while now and obviously the hubs has been listening.

Today was another bonus day as I was treated to lunch at the Renaissance. Beautiful view of the water, lots of choices at the buffet and great company. Food, fun and fellowship – what more could a social bug ask for three days before her 40th?

Dolce, Myrna, Me and Paula cruising at the resort.

Brian is the hubs behind the camera!
My favorite army wives, plus one husband, helped me celebrate today while enjoying lunch at one of our beautiful resort hotels. I didn’t even think of taking a picture of the hotel – I was busy enjoying all the entertainment contained in it’s walls. Birds hanging out, newly married couples posing for pictures and my own fan club to cruise with. The lunch was fabulous and entertaining at the same time.

Paul and Myrna were so generous in giving me exactly what I would have asked for – two new Stampin’ Up stamp sets and a Starbuck’s gift card. More excuses to get together in the future – as if we needed them.

As I reflect on this day it made me think of how I would have missed out on these friendships if I hadn’t taken the first step and attended PWOC’s summer studies. I was tempted not to drive all the way from Courtney to Kadena only weeks after landing on the island. I was tired, overwhelmed and insecure. God is so great to lead us to the greatest treasures in our lives if we are willing to follow Him on this great “treasure” hunt we call life. From the minute I met Myrna, I knew I liked her and she introduced me to Paula and Dolce. We would have never met outside of PWOC because they are army wives and I am married to a Marine – our paths would not have crossed and I would never have had the pleasure of meeting these incredible women. And in the name of friendship, Paula and Myrna, wasted at least an hour of their lives helping me pick out the purse I was “given” a few days ago. I found something fun and not black – that was the criteria and my friends were up to the task!!! I'll post about the purse later!!!!

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K_dubzzz said...

SO Fabulous!!!! So what is "eggs" in japanese?

Enjoy your day!!!