Monday, April 6, 2009

Turning Forty - Dinner and a Movie

Today’s gift was an easy one to figure out. My note read “For today’s gift we’ll do something groovy. It is simply dinner and a movie.” We ended up eating at Pizza Hut which reminded me of our first date – eating pizza and attending a high school football game. Tonight we had pasta since I’m lactose intolerant, gotta love getting old, and I loved me some bread sticks. Since we live in the land of little choices the only movie playing, that we wanted to see, was Valkyrie, with Tom Cruise. Not a feel-good-movie by any means but it’s not about what you see but who you see it with. As our pre-movie entertainment I got to watch a cockroach walk around me until I couldn’t stand it anymore. Then I called in the reinforcements, aka the movie staff, and they took care of said bug. All my humanitarian efforts went out the window as the staff person stomped on the bug and swept it away. Oh so romantic!!!! Just another day in paradise!


Blake and Hollie said...

I got my laugh in for the day. Sorry the cockroach was hilarious. You spent time together and thats all that matters :) cockroach and all.

K_dubzzz said...

I feel bad for you and the cockroach...LOL

It reminds me of this anniversary card that we got one year. It went something like this, For your anniversary we decided to get you a free dinner. Then you opened it and there was a plastic cockroach. It said, just put this in your dinner and you are sure to get one free.

Have a great day!

just me said...

hey, I think I figured it out, but I already emailed you my pithy thoughts! But now I think I will be able to "follow" you! Tell Bill we think he is great.

Patti said...

How swwwweeet your man is! I just logged on after many days and I am catching up to the countdown! Happy Birthday ...almost!!!

Pen to Paper; Spirit to Soul said...

eeewwww....I don't like roaches!!! That was not a pleasant surprise, huh???
Glad you could spend some time together!!!