Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A sweet friend and a post to remember!

It's been a few weeks since I've posted and I do promise to post on my 40th surprise birthday party next but I couldn't resist sharing this sweet blog post from Lysa TerKeurst. Check out her post titled "Less Little" and get the tissues out.

After reading her post I made this comment:

I don't even have children and this one brought tears to my eyes and made me pause. I am thinking of all my friend's little girls who I have shared precious "less little" moments and I have captured a few permanently on my digital camera. It also reminded me of a sweet new friend God has brought into my life and how she is still all girl with her beliefs, dreams, eagerness, pink, sparkly, ribbon and polish. No fudgsicle smudges on her face but she loves to eat cheesecake with me whenever we can. This young women is teaching this 40 year old how to have fun again - I have the prettiest pink toes right now, I am working on the sparkle part as well and we watch movies in the middle of the afternoon just because we can!!!

Somewhere between the peach fuzz cheeks and my 40th birthday I left my dreams behind and grew up because I thought I had to!!! Now I'm craving a microphone and a princess outfit of my own. I know I will never be on American Idol, for several reasons, but I sure can karaoke with the best of them!!! Thanks for the reminder!!! Your blog has been such an encouragement to me!!!! God bless!

Here is a photo of my friend, Jenny!!! She has reminded that sassy is always in style and girls really do just wanna have fun!!!!! Check Jenny out in my weekly post on Okinawa Hai!!!

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Anonymous said...

Larissa- Not sure how to get in touch with you guys but tell Bill that Frank Baker and some guys from 3/3 have reunited on Facebook. It would be good to catch up with him.