Thursday, April 9, 2009

Keepin' It Real

Challenge Alert: I found this blog challenge/game on a blog that I just recently started following. Daniella is a Marine spouse and I love how she writes and her blog is beautiful. Check out Daniella here.

This blog game is called "Keepin' It Real." Just like Daniella, I wanted to ignore the game at first but then I thought, why not? So here goes:

I hate this first picture but I had to include it if I were truly keepin' it real. I was cracking up at myself - what we will do for the purpose of blogging!!!

This is a great view of my not-so-new-do. I am in desperate need of a haircut and if you look really close you can see that wax has not seen my brows in forever!!!!! I can't believe I'm going to turn 40 looking like this!!! How is that for keepin' real!!!

So, for the purpose of realness, I have to admit this picture is one of the reasons I wasn't going to do this challenge. I have always disliked my nose but I have learned to live with it and be content with the face God gave me. But, over the past few years my nose has betrayed me. I am now the happy owner of one scar from a wart removal and two more warts on the end of my nose. I know there is a way to have them removed but I just haven't made the time to call to make an appointment. Which, for those of you married-to-the-military know - easier said than done. I am currently avoiding the pleasure of waiting on the phone for the sake of this blog! You can thank me later!!!

I actually took these pictures yesterday but my battery died so I couldn't down load them - then life happened and I moved on!!! When I woke up this morning I had a comment on my previous post from a stranger who found me from my comment on Daniella's blog and she wanted to see if I took the challenge, since I said I was going to do it. Ugh - I hadn't!!! Better late than never!!!

Most of the women who have played this game have taken pix of their living rooms. With children, I can see how this is the hub of chaos and a great place to take "real" pictures. I was feeling slightly guilty yesterday because my Mama-sans were here so you don't really get to see my house in it's "real" state. Then I remembered what my dining room table and laundry room looked like and you could see the "real" me in the midst of that chaos.
I love our dining room table. It's made out of teak - it's a real tree and it weighs a ton. I certainly will not be moving this treasure down our 48 steps in 2011. But, even the most beautiful table can look cluttered when covered in several projects, mail and my huge datebook!!

This is truly the embarassing part of the game. This is my laundry/bathroom. We live in Okinawa, for those of you just joining us, so we have an American washing machine, a Japanese dryer with a bathroom sink being hidden by that beautiful box to the left - conveniently located on top of a dining room chair that we have no other place for since buying the new teak set!! I especially love Bill's golf shirt drying comfortably on my exercise ball - which has not been used for it's intended purpose in a very long time. It does dry clothes well and in turn, assisting in saving the environment.

I had to take a close up of this mess so you can see the Kohl's bags on the left. These bags hold toys I bought, on super sale, Christmas of 2007, to be given to Toys For Tots in 2008. Unfortunately, as I am famous for, I kept forgetting to place these little treasures in one of many TFT boxes I passed throughtout Christmas 2008. Now they are an almost daily reminder of my procrastination!!!! Please do take note of the neatly folded towels on the book shelf - I do have potential!!!

Here are the rules:

Take a picture of yourself right now.

No primping or preparing.

Just snap one picture.

Load the picture onto your blog.

Tag some people to play. (I have know idea how to do this!)

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Blake and Hollie said...

Okay, I am going to play and I know how to tag people! Basically you add the blog addresses or names of your friends onto the end of your post of who you want to play. I love your table. I said that to myself before you even said it in your post!! I have the same little bucket on your coffee table. Did you get it at the Kadena Gift Corner?

Classic, the exercise ball. It can be used for many things, not just exercise (I know).