Thursday, April 30, 2009

40th Surprise Birthday Party

Bill planned a surprise birthday party for my 40th and was able to pull it off with a little help from our friends. He lured me out of the house for our weekly Saturday night dinner and then faked a work-related call so he could head home to set things up while I had dinner with our Saturday Night Crew. When I arrived I was a little suspicious that our lights were dim and the door was unlocked but as soon as I opened the door and heard "SURPRISE!" I was distracted by all the fun people in my home.

Melanie Bales made this wonderful cake that tasted out of this world!! I am blessed by friends who brought cakes, decorated the house with balloons and hung out waiting for my late arrival.

In addition to the wonderful company I recieved some great gifts. I love this card as I have always wanted a life-size greeting card and the Bales Boys delivered!!!! I received several pieces of jewelry, a candle and a hand-made basket. I had already received several other items as well that have been posted during my "Turning Forty" series.

I love all my gifts but the gift of friendship is my favorite. Dasha, in the middle, is a new friend of mine who left her sick husband at home and, not knowing anyone in my circle of friends, showed up anyway. Lisa, the beautiful blonde next to Dasha, has been a friend of mine since our last tour here in Okinawa back in 1998-2002.

Girls just wanna have fun!!!! From left to right: Shannon Hawkins, Jennifer Sutton, ME, Lisa Edge, Melanie Bales and Jenny Connors. These girls are the best party companions!!!

Daniel and Gabriel were our youngest party guests and they create fun wherever they go!!! They thought hanging out on our stairs was a good idea. These are the stairs I scale several times a day and pray that Socks nor myself slip and hurt ourselves. They are pretty but they aren't practical with an older dog.

Are they stealing my birthday balloons or planning another surprise?????? Thanks for spending my 40th birthday with me!!!! I was truly blessed!!!

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Mishka said...

I wanted to be there but timing with the better half just didn't work out. I am glad you had a good time and were totally surprised...your "hubs" did a good job.

Word verfication=hamburst...