Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Dog Days of March

I know the saying is “The Dog Days of Summer” but the dog days have arrived early here in the House of Traquair. My precious pup, Socks, has been scratching her ears and elbows more than a cat living in a house with a brand new couch. She has been driving us crazy and I have tried everything. Visit to the vet months ago and washing the ears out with newly purchased cleaner. Saying “No” and “Stop That” until I’m blue in the face and nothing works. So my dear pup and I head to the vet for another appointment. This appointment was actually a follow-up regarding her thyroid issue. We went to get a blood draw and left an hour and 15 minutes later with $175. worth of services and medication. Now, for those of you non-military types, I know this is cheap, so I’m not complaining – just making a point! The tech listened to my list of canine related complaints, took a swab of her ears and left for the lab. She had to really dig because she said her ears were clean. Of course, I had flooded them with cleaning solution and bathed her the day before. I will revisit the bathing story a little later.

The vet shows up on the scene, checks over my furry companion and then in walks the tech. My sweet hound doesn’t have one ear infection, she has three!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh!!! And now we know why she couldn’t stop scratching. We left the vet clinic with refills of thyroid meds, antibiotics to give orally, ear drops, and spray for her elbows.

Socks is very excited to report that she is having the time of her life with her new meds schedule. All she knows is if she puts up with this new routine she gets extra goodies and food – or at least she thinks so. Her mom, that’s me, is a little smarter than that since she still has to take meds to maintain her thyroid condition. Now to my point. This is our new medication schedule for the next ten days:

Wake up early to give Socks her first thyroid pill of the day. It has to be given to her 1 hour before breakfast.

Spray her elbows and walk her. Feed her one hour later.

Administer her first antibiotic of the day. Big red pill that doesn’t go down as easy as the thyroid one.

Spray elbows 2 more times throughout the day. Works best right before we go out to walk. She hates this part and now tries to walk away from me before I get the cap off the bottle.

Late afternoon: 2nd and final thyroid pill of the day. Feed dinner one hour later.

Administer her 2nd antibiotic of the day. She now thinks these are treats!

Several hours later, feed a small amount of wet food then administer 3rd antibiotic of the day.

Then our night cap is 5-8 drops of goopy stuff in both ears. Does not get a treat for this so she doesn’t like it as much! Then we start all over in the morning!!!

And, in a perfect world, I would brush her teeth and her coat every day. She is shedding an entire dog onto my hardwood floor which requires more housekeeping!!

Are you exhausted yet???? How do you all do this and raise children?


Pen to Paper; Spirit to Soul said...

Oh, poor Socks!!! My girls get all of the attention...the puppies only get what I have left over!

Hope your baby is feelling better soon!!!


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

One very cute pup. I have a little Yorkie named Zoe. Just stopping in for a first-time visit.

Blake and Hollie said...

Aw, Socks!! I don't blame you. That is quite the routine. Thank goodness we have a vet and medication here. I hope Socks heals quickly. It really is no fun and no different from having children.

My sister has dogs "her boys" instead of kids at home and I think she said the only difference at times in diapers :) LOL!

Get well soon Socks!!!

K_dubzzz said...

I'm so glad that Socks has such a fabulous mommy who cares about her! I think that the torture you are giving her (just kidding) will be much better than what would happen if you didn't give her anything.

Dian said...

So glad to know that Socks is getting such good care! We miss her (and you, too)!

Give her a big hug from "Auntie" Dian