Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy 233rd Birthday Marines!

I'm really late in posting this occasion but I figured better late than never. These are the photos taken at both Marine Corps Balls we attended this year - November 2008!!! This is my favorite picture of us. It's rare that the two of us are smiling in the same photo so this one will go down in history as one of my favorites!!!

Bill and Buster, his faithful golf partner!!!! These two must go to the same tailor and barber!!!
Brad and Shannon Hawkins are a couple we hang out with almost every Saturday. We drag a few other people along and try new restaurants in the area. The Hawkins celebrated their first year of marriage December 22nd - Congratulations!!!
Ginger is a friend I met through the Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC) and both our husbands work in the Courtney area!!! Ginger is also the mastermind behind Memory Women - that's another blog for another time!!!!!
I've decided since Bill gets to wear a uniform that I would start a new tradition of "wearing" my Marine Corps ball uniform. I had this jacket made in Okinawa the last time we were stationed here!!! With different pieces of jewelry it almost looks like a whole new outfit, right?

The Marine Corps Ball is never complete without the traditional ceremony that includes the cutting of the cake. Bill had the honor of being the oldest Marine at our Company Ball this year. The tradition is for the oldest Marine to pass down the hard-fought traditions of the Marine Corps to the youngest Marine in attendance. This is done by cutting and passing down a piece of the cake. Though Bill was not technically the oldest Marine in attendance he was the oldest one that wasn't a guest or the guest of honor. If Bill is the oldest Marine than what does that make his wife - the oldest Marine Corps wife? UGH!!!! Regardless, I love the many traditions the Marine Corps fights hard to foster and I always get teary eyed during every ceremony!!!

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Blake and Hollie said...

Those were very nice photos! Thanks for sharing. I am very glad to see you are back to the blogging world :)