Monday, October 27, 2008

Lessons From God: Don't Panic

Today I was reminded how much God loves me and the precious people in my life. He also reminded me how much the same precious people love me. I had a meltdown this morning after reading a prayer request that came in via e-mail. My sweet friend, Jill, had fallen down her stairs and was taken to the local ER. No other info in the e-mail so I started filling in the blanks. I also wasn’t able to reach anyone in the know so I continued to fill in the blanks on my own and started to panic. After about 30 minutes I was able to reach her mom and found out that she had sprained her shoulder and was already on her way home. As I sat praising God for her minimal injury, that won’t feel so minimal tomorrow, the phone rings. It’s Jill’s husband, Mike and three of their four children, calling me from their car. It’s amazing how quickly my attitude changed when I heard from the little people in my life who mean the world to me. Anna, their only daughter, wanted to know when I was coming to see her. I asked when would be a good time and she responded “tomorrow”. I asked what was so significant about tomorrow and she said “nothing, just going to school and coming home”. I try to divert the conversation because it breaks my heart to reveal the truth – I can’t come over tomorrow or the next day or even the next day. We share other fragmented conversations and she is off into her own world and I’m off the hook. Mike goes on to tell me that their 3rd child, Josh, was just asking why we don’t come around anymore. I’m ready to lose it again. This is after I think his wife has fallen down an entire set of stairs and is lying unconscious in the hospital. Mike tried to explain to Josh that we live really far away and the explanation seems to be lost on my #1 fan. This is what makes these little guys so special. They just love me and want to see me and they can’t comprehend why a little thing called the ocean keeps me from showing up periodically for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is why I love God – He is faithful to me even while I’m “freaking out” and He even blesses me with a sweet phone call. Jill even called while I was typing this. Now it's 16 hrs. later and she is running on the morning adrenaline and some good drugs - she seems normal right now.

I do ask that you pray for her as she will have her shoulder in a sling for a while and won’t be able to carry that stupid Kirby up or down the stairs for a few weeks. I have always hated that vacuum cleaner and now, since it is a suspect in her accident, I really have contempt for it!!! I also have to thank my friend, Laura, who got to experience my “freaking out”. She was the first person to answer the phone and she was so calm and a great influence on me during those stressful moments!!! Note to self: Don’t panic, God is in control. Don’t carry a Kirby up or down the stairs – it could cause injury!!! God loves me and so do my “faraway” friends.


Blake and Hollie said...

Oh! You sound like the greatest friend ever. I am so glad that Jill only suffered a minor (doesn't feel like it, I'm sure) injury. Email can definetly make you freak out. We take things the wrong way, don't get the whole message, and can't seem to ever get a hold of anyone.

I will pray for her and for a speedy recovery. Darn that Kirby! Isn't that the heavy vacuum? I am grateful that you are able to lean on the Lord through tough times. He will never leave you, even when you are freaking out.

Those little precious angels. That picture is so cute. Isn't that so sweet, they want you to visit tomorrow. If it was only that easy, I am sure you would be there in a second.

Pen to Paper; Spirit to Soul said...

I will add her to my list. I also have a blog up about praying for my friend, Jill. Although it is acutually her sis-in-law that needs prayer...and it is a bit more than a sprained shoulder.

You can read it if you want...not sure I want you to worry over anyone else, though!!!

It is so easy to say "God is in control" but when things begin to slip, I forget!!! You are not alone!!!

Glad Jill is okay and that you are better!

Pamela in TX

Kathryn said...

So glad Jill's injuries were relatively "minor". I, too, got that blanket e-mail, and, without any additional information, it kind of left you hanging! I was relieved to see the follow-up to that first e-mail.

I think Jill and Mike should have gotten a one-story house! :-)

You almost made me cry when you were writing about the children. It reminded me of when we moved 13 hours away from all of our family when Katy was less than two years old. It's tough. It was tougher on my mom, I think, than it was on Katy! For over two years, my mother mailed a card to Katy EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. (EXCEPT. SUNDAY.) We had stacks and stacks and STACKS of cards! Of course, Katy didn't want to throw any of them away. One time, my mom and dad jumped into the car for an unannounced road trip; they called to let us know when they were already about 10 hours into their trip!

I'll pray for all those precious little bonds to remain intact until you get "home" again. :-)