Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Because Everyone Deserves A Lifetime!

Today’s blog hits close to home and requires something of my readers!!!!

This is a picture of two of my friends in Virginia and a lady I have never met. What I know about Julie (pictured far right) is that she is a survivor and the reason my two friends, Deb and Lacey, are walking 60 miles this weekend in D.C.

Deb, Lacey and another friend of mine, Liza, along with thousands of other women, will be walking in D.C., over 3 days and 60+miles to show their support of a cure for breast cancer. My three friends, along with their teammates, have each raised a minimum of $2,200. for breast cancer research and have spent months training – in the rain, the heat, in the wee hours of the morning, on vacation and even when they didn’t want to. This is the same goal I accomplished in 2006 with a lot of you as supporters. With your help I raised way beyond my $2,200. goal and made an impact as I walked, along with Liza, in San Diego. It was a great experience and though I have not done it again, I still support the cause, both financially and through prayer.

Most of you know that my mother, Judy, is a 2x breast cancer survivor and she was my inspiration - the reason I walked. It was the biggest goal I had ever set for myself as I’m sure it’s the biggest goal most of the walkers will have ever set in their lives. I ask that you pray for my three friends, Lacey, Deb and Liza and all the walkers who will start their journey early this Friday morning, October 3rd and complete their 60 mile trek on Sunday afternoon, October 5th. Pray for strength, energy, great fellowship, rest at night and motivation to get back on “the road again” the next morning. Pray for their safety, along with all the walkers and staff who make this event possible. And pray for those they walk for – many are still alive, surviving and thriving due to funds raised by these committed women!!!

I had to include this fun picture as it was taken after Julie picked a name from a raffle that Lacey held to raise some of her $2,200. Lacey had made a beautiful quilt, sold raffle tickets and raised over $700., of her total, for the cause!!! I love how this picture shows the celebration of life and how much fun it can be to give of yourself beyond anything you can imagine!!!


Blake and Hollie said...

What an amazing story. I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Friend . . . you are a great encouragement!! It's hard to believe the weekend is actually here.. I'm kind of nervous!!
It'll be a great bonding time with Deb I'm sure... I get to sleep with her! ;-)
Julie is going to meet up with on at the closing ceremony so that will be neat. My peeps are going to be there too, as are Deb's. It will be a great accomplishment!
Love you,

And thanks to everyone who prays for us!!

BRTHASST said...

Thank you for putting us in your blog. Thank you for your support and praying for us. Did my last training walk for this event today. I find myself weepy and anticipating a great journey with Lacey. Deb

Anonymous said...

That was a very nice story and so well written, Larissa. I'm sure Lacey, Deb and Liza truly appreciate such support and encouragement from one who has "been there, done that". I know I can't imagine, as you can, what they are walking into (no pun intended). Its such a huge weekend, such a huge commitment, and such a huge contribution to breast cancer awareness and further studies for treatment and prevention. I pray for all who are participating and all who will benefit from the cause!! Hugs, Kim

BRTHASST said...

We made it through the whole 60+ miles and survived. What an experience. I would tell anyone considering it, that I would do it again for sure. I'd especially pick Lacey as partner as well. She is a team player, encourager, and knows when to push me through the hard stuff. Thanks to those who prayed as well, we couldn't have done it without you.

The Howes Family said...

Wow that is a LONG walk. How did they do? That is just amazing.

Pen to Paper; Spirit to Soul said...

Hey, hope you get this in time. I think you should link your blog to Lysa TerKeust's from Oct 16, I believe. I really like your blog!

Pamela in TX

Kristen Myers said...

Thank you so much for sharing on my blog. After reading your post, I was anxious to meet you on yours. After seeing your picture and reading your posts, I feel like I am one of the lucky ones you socialized with during your busy week.

Thank you also for your support of those surviving and battling breast cancer. My mother is also a survivor.

I will check back on you.

Blessings on your weekend.

My Army Brats and Me said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I am getting ready for my 3rd treatment of chemo this Friday. I am so happy for you friend. I hope to be saying the same thing next year. Pray for me as I fight.