Friday, September 12, 2008

A typical day in Okinawa!

I have been doing a lot of driving around this week even with a typhoon looming out there! We all hit the commissary on Wednesday. Actually I didn't, my husband did, since I'm not a big fan of grocery shopping. We are mostly ready to be "locked" down and now I'm not so sure we are going to get hit!!! Nothing wrong with having extra snacks on hand though!!! I spent the morning at the RNCO club on Kadena trying to make changes to my blog and drinking iced coffee. Then it was off to a Stampin' Up open house to hang out with some of my favorite, creative peeps!!! My friend, Myrna, knows how to host a party!!!! Then it was back home for a nippy nap and then back in the car to head back to Kadena for an appointment. My husband waited patiently in the car, after sneeking off to buy me an anniversary present. We will celebrate 15 years on October 2nd. Then we tried to have dinner at Somchai, on BC street, and they were closed. So we headed home and ate at our local fav, Khrua Thai!!! Now we are settling in for the night!!!!

One cool thing - my husband took our dog to work with him this afternoon. He said she looked pathetic and she could sleep in his office as easy as she could sleep at home!!! She seemed to love this outing!!!!


Dian said...

Welcome Blogger Larissa!

Does Socks have clearence? And is Bill turning into a softy?

Glo said...


You did a great job blogging! Looking forward to keeping up with you this way. You are gifted girl.

Chat with you soon,
Love Glo

Kim said...

Hey Girl, Great job! This is a perfect way for you to keep us in the States up-to-date without repeating yourself a zillion times :)We just need to put you in our "favorites" and remember to check back often. I've used this blogspot too but don't think it has the feature to notify a certain maillist when you've updated so you may need to alert us on that one :) Hugs, Kim

smockerb4 said...

Hey girl! Great job on the new blog. I'm looking forward to hearing about your life in Oki. Our Marine is "officially out"!!! He received the letter telling him to tear up his orders for Camp Pendleton and to do well in school. He loves college and is looking forward to getting married in November. (When did he grow up?)

By the time you come back the Lollies will have at least four new grandbabies, Gloria, Deb, me and Lacey!

Fill us in on what's happening on the island and send more pictures, I love to see things through your eyes! Tell Bill hi!

Mishka said...

You are so funny...looks like the storm might be swinging back around to give us some more weather...don't know if it will have enough strength to do much more than rain and wind...

Blake and Hollie said...

Yeah, another post. Looks like were able to get it up and running. I think it will be something you enjoy once you really get the hang of it :)

Anonymous said...

Larissa, I really enjoyed your new blog. The picture of you and two of your Okinawan friends reminded me of the pictures we took in Hong Kong of you, me and Barbara. I know you'll have many wonderful new memories during your return tour on the "rock."
Mary Ann