Monday, September 29, 2008

Eating at Mister Donut

I have to began by giving this disclaimer. Our favorite camera is "sick" right now as it awaits a new lens so these photos were taken with what I affectionately call our "cheap" camera or our Tiger Woods camera. We call it the TW camera because we bought it for Bill to carry in his pocket for the opportunity to snap a picture of one of his favorite golfers when he was doing security one year for Tiger in Palm Springs. Most of you have heard that story so I will move on to why we look so yellow in this picture and where we are!!

One of our favorite places to eat is Mister Donut. It is actually a chain that was started in the United States, though I had never seen one. This is not your typical donut shop. To start, they don't even open until 9 or 10a.m. and they stay open until midnight. They serve somewhat normal donuts and then they serve more lunch or dinner type items like the famous Curry Donut you will see displayed below. A lot of local Okinawans come in for their meal sets that have a soup-type item and dumplings that we know as Chinese Dimsum. If you're not sure what that is, I'm sure I'll blog about it someday down the line!!!! We look yellow due to the camera we were using and the entire restaurant is painted in a very happy yellow color. The service is great, the music is all in English and the food is fabulous. Our friends, Jennifer and Steve Sutton, shown above, have now been infected by our obsession with this eatery and crave it almost once a week like we do!!
This is what Bill and I had ordered on this particular visit. The donut with the chocolate drisle has been dipped in strawberry with a wonderful strawberry filling. This is my new favorite sweet donut. The pizza looking item, next to the famous Curry Donut, is basically a spicy, mini-pizza with cheese, chicken and some unidentifiable ingredients. We don't usually ask what's in our food, over here, or you may never eat it. Not to say they use questionable ingredients just that they are famous for calling something a Taco and it really is a fritter-type item with octopus in it. Or, you will find corn on your pizza or an oozing egg in or on top of many entrees. Why you ask? We are not sure. All I can say is that dinning in Okinawa is always an adventure but when you find something you like, you will always come back for more!

The quality of this picture isn't great but this is a picture of the famous Curry Donut I have spoken so fondly of. When we first arrived on island Mister Donut was no longer carrying this item but I was pleasantly surprised today to discover they have brought this treat back. I'm not sure if it's a seasonal thing or not but if you like curry and enjoy a crunchy texture than you will like this yummy treat!!! Just so you know, this is not your typical donut. It's not as if they took a Krispy Kream donut and filled it with curry - it's a donut type texture on the outside but it's not sweet like a Krispy Kream. You just have to try it to see for yourself!!!

One of the things I love about Mister Donut is their mocha coffee. With two syrup sugars it's a perfect iced coffee!!! It is rare in Okinawa to enjoy an all you can drink option but Mister Donut was having a special during the month so I could go for seconds if I chose. If I went past two iced mochas I would be a maniac for two days!!! I have a two-a-day limit!!!! Yummy!

All good meals must come to an end!!! And no good ending is complete without a posed, cool picture!!! The happy tank is full and we are ready for the next adventure!


Dian said...

Sounds Yummy!

Kathryn said...

Larissa, I didn't know Bill was TW's security for a year! I'd love to hear that story. :-)

Blake and Hollie said...

I'd love to hear that story too! Plus, I had no idea they had a curry donut. I was just there yesterday. I don't know if I would try it even though I love curry :)

The Howes Family said...

I will drive my behind up to you to go to Mr. Donut. Looks good.